How To Sand A Cooler With An Electric Sander

How to Sand a Cooler With an Electric Sander

An electric sander can be an excellent tool to use for this task. You can borrow one from a friend, or purchase one for yourself. Preparing the cooler’s surface is the first step. Before you start painting, you should sand the entire cooler surface. This will ensure that the paint sticks to the surface. Sanding the cooler is a great way to prevent paint from peeling easily if scratched.

Before you start sanding, decide what design you want to paint on your cooler. You have the option of using a computer-generated logo, printing it out, or drawing the design on the cooler by hand. Either way, it will help if you first sketch the design on paper. After the sanding is complete, you can prepare a primer or paint.

You can purchase a detail power sander for white plastics at Home Depot for under $30. Sanding will take away the tedious task associated with applying paint. For a smooth finish, use Krylon Fusion. A quality primer will help the paint stick to the plastic surface and will protect the cooler from damage. Bullseye Water Based Primer & Sealer will prevent peeling. You can also purchase Adhesion Primer near bondo. This will make your paint stick to the plastic.

For smaller areas, you can use a pencil or a paint pen to make the design. With the help of a friend, it will be easier to trace. Paint pens can be used for small areas such as words, details, or thin lines. You can use a regular brush, but a paint pen is better. It is important to use the correct paint or Mod Podge.

Once the paint is applied, you should let the cooler dry completely. If you’d like to give it a unique look, try applying Modge Podge or Spackle. It’s not very professional looking, but it works well. Modge Podge may require you to repeat the process several times until you achieve the desired effect.

If you are painting the cooler with acrylic paint, you’ll want to prime the surface before applying the paint. It won’t stick to the cooler if it isn’t primed. You can spray primer with plastic to achieve a smooth finish. Apply two to three coats to the cooler, leaving a day or two between coats. You can paint after sanding. It is important to remember that the paint will need to be applied multiple times. This is not a good idea if it doesn’t come off well.

A cooler can be painted in many different styles, from casual to formal. A cooler painted with custom paint can make tailgating more fun. Adding a personal touch can even lead to a formal invite in the future. This project can be time-consuming. Moreover, it requires skill and a creative hand.

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