How To Shave Legs After Hip Replacement

How to Shave Legs After Hip Replacement Surgery

Following hip replacement surgery, you will need to take some precautions before shaving. Your surgeon will instruct you on how and when to shave your legs and what type of razor you should use. Because of the possibility of infection, a flat-head battery operated razor is the best choice.

It’s important to move around after surgery as directed by your surgeon to avoid blood clots and promote healing. Avoid lifting your knees higher that your hips while recovering from surgery. This can lead to dislocation. While you are recovering, don’t lift your leg higher than your hip.

It’s important to wear supportive shoes that have a rubber sole. After hip replacement surgery, you should not sleep on your side. Your surgeon may suggest that you keep your legs straight and not cross them after hip replacement surgery. If this isn’t possible, use a pillow to prop yourself up.

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