How To Use Quick Dam Flood Barrier

What is a Quick Dam Flood Barrier? The Quick Dam flood barrier absorbs and diverts flood water. It is self-inflating and water-activated. This flood barrier comes in three lengths: five, ten and seventeen feet. It is very easy to deploy, lightweight, and can provide months of continuous protection. Its many uses include flood control, erosion control, ballistic protection, and water removal.

When fully exposed to water, the Quick Dam can be activated within 10 minutes. The Quick Dam must be pre-activated by a steady, even stream of water. Use a garden hose to evenly wet the Quick Dam before installing it in the desired location. Once the barrier has soaked completely, you can place it wherever it will be most effective in protecting your property. You can then begin preparing your home for a flood. The quick dam is extremely convenient to use and can protect your property in just a few minutes.

The Quick Dam Flood Barrier is a great flood prevention solution because it is lightweight and compact. It contains a super absorbent powder that expands when wet. Stacking them three feet high creates a sturdy protective barrier. The wedge-shaped design prevents them rolling out of place. Quick Dam Flood Barriers, unlike traditional flood barriers are non-toxic, safe, and can be re-used.

It is important to stack the flood barriers in a cascading pattern. Cascading will allow water to flow around the base of the barrier and down the sides. Also, make sure to place the flood barrier over plastic before applying cement. Unsealed cement can crack and leak if it is not. Flood barriers make flooding less disruptive to your home. You can use the quick dam flood barrier for many purposes, including flood barriers.

The Quick Dam flood bag, although it is a cheaper option to a Quick Dam Sandbag, is still less effective than FloodSax. Quick Dam flood bags are not very stable and take longer to fill. FloodSax flood bags stack well when stacked in tall rows. FloodSax flood bags are required if you plan to place Quick Dam flood barriers on top of your home.

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