How to write a drama analysis

How to write a drama analysis

Basically, a drama analysis is structured according to three steps: introduction, main part and conclusion. Contrary to what the term drama analysis might suggest, the entire drama is not examined, but only one scene or part of a scene.

What goes into a scene analysis?

Structure of a drama analysis The introduction consists of the choice of a heading, the introductory sentence and a transition to the main part. The main part is again divided into table of contents, interpretation hypothesis and dialogue analysis. At the end you summarize your results and draw a personal conclusion.

What is dialogue analysis?

As in any other literary essay, a scene of a drama is examined in terms of content, structure and language in the dialogue analysis. – Summarize the content of the scene and present the scene’s position in the overall drama.

What is the source value?

It’s always best to start with the word: source value is about the value of a source. A distinction must be made between the “preliminary source value”, which is determined, for example, by competence. or the interests or

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