What do you write in a biography?

What do you write in a biography?

In general, writing a biography is about reporting as completely and authentically as possible. However, if you only want to portray a certain aspect, for example how you overcame a stroke of fate, then it is more appropriate to write memories or memoirs.

How do I start my autobiography?

If you want to write an autobiography, first collect material about your life and make notes. Gather photos of the individual stages of life and collect documents. Diaries, letters and postcards are also useful. Also, make notes about the individual stages of life.More entries…•

Why is memory work important?

Through the memory work, past and long-forgotten memories are to be activated and brought back to life in order to learn to better understand references to behavior, possible illnesses, preferences of the residents of the home.

What can you play with people with dementia?

Employment with dementia: Many opportunities for shared moments in everyday life Painting and handicrafts, manual work and light gardening To dance.

What can you do with seniors?

There are many “classics” in the occupation for seniors such as chair gymnastics or memory training …. 100 ideas for employment bowling. proverb stories. 10 minute activations. Biographical Questions. memory training exercises. movement stories. Mystery.

What can you do with a 10 minute activation?

The “10-minute activation” makes it possible to offer residents with dementia illnesses professional therapeutic care. The concept takes into account the often limited human resources as well as the time-limited ability of confused seniors to concentrate.

What is good for people with dementia?

What can I do in everyday life? No confrontation or “why” question. People with dementia are often unable to justify their activities. Avoid overload. Maintain and improve orientation. train memory. promote movement. Eat healthy. To be patient.

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