How to write a mediation from German into English?

How to write a mediation from German into English?

In a mediation, you should not translate an English text 1 : 1 into English, but transfer it analogously. This means that in the first step you have to understand the content of the text you have before you in order to be able to write an adequate English text afterwards.

How can I translate an entire text?

To translate text, open the Google Translate app on your Android phone or tablet. Select a language to translate from: From: Tap the down arrow in the top left. Enter the word or phrase you want translated. The results are displayed.

What does mediation mean in German?

Mediation (Latin mediation) is a structured, voluntary process for the constructive resolution of a conflict, in which independent, impartial third parties accompany the conflicting parties in their solution process.

What time is used in mediation?

If the German text in the mediation part is written in the past tense, do you also have to adopt the tense when translating it into English? So also write in the past tense? Because many say that even if the German text is written in the past tense, you have to rewrite it into the present tense.

What belongs in a summary?

Writing a summary: structure + examplesThe introduction. The introduction begins with an introductory sentence. The main part. The end. You should use this time. Don’t judge the text. Don’t use literal speech. Rule of thumb: Your summary can be as long as this. Use bullet points as you read.

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