Hsieh Su-Wei Net Worth

Hsieh su-wei net worth is a widely respected tennis player from Taiwan who holds an elite place among her famous peers. Her unique playing style often disarms more highly-ranked opponents.

She has had success competing in doubles events with outstanding results. Additionally, she boasts 1 win at the French Open.

Early Life and Education

Hsieh Su-wei, a professional tennis player who represents Taiwan in competitions, has amassed an impressive list of accomplishments during her career – three WTA singles titles, one doubles title in the 125K series, 28 ITF singles titles and 23 doubles titles, seven medals at Asian Games competitions and earning over $8 Million in prize money alone!

This athlete has demonstrated that tennis can be more than a competition of how fast or how much topspin one can put on the ball; rather, she has shown it can be used as an art form that fosters creative expression.

Hsieh Su-wei’s estimated net worth as of 2019 ranges between $1 and $5 Million, most of it acquired through her career as a Tennis Player.

Professional Career

Hsieh Su-wei has become well known for her unorthodox playing style. As such, she has won multiple WTA Tour matches both singles and doubles with this method, often outwitting higher ranked opponents and pulling off surprise victories over them.

Even though she has had limited success at Grand Slam tournaments, she remains one of Taiwan’s premier tennis players with a vast following around the globe.

She has won three single titles and 28 doubles titles on the WTA Tour, 27 ITF titles and seven medals at the Asian Games. Beyond her tennis success, she enjoys an idyllic relationship with Frederic Aniere; they often attend each other’s matches together to show their mutual affection and show support for one another’s love lives.

Achievement and Honors

Hsieh Su-wei, an accomplished Taiwanese tennis player, is well known for her unorthodox playing style and numerous tournament wins during her career. She often hits with both hands at once to give wide angles while making it harder for opponents to predict her next move.

Hsieh is well-regarded for her doubles success. She has reached the semi-finals at both Australian Open and French Open twice and won one doubles title each time.

Hsieh currently remains unattached and prefers to keep her personal life private. Although she has been seen at several public events with different people, Hsieh has never addressed their relationship status directly or said anything publicly about them. Hsieh is close with Barbora Strycova.

Personal Life

Hsieh has accomplished much during her long tennis career and earned a considerable sum through tournament wins and endorsements. Hsieh stands 5 feet 7 inches tall and boasts three doubles Grand Slam titles to her credit.

She has also won one WTA 125K Series doubles title, 27 singles titles on ITF circuit, as well as seven medals at Asian Games including two gold, three silver and two bronze.

Personal Details : In her personal life, she has partnered with Frederic Aniere who is a French real estate agent. They met while the tennis star was visiting Paris in 2016 and now travel with each tournament together as their loyal partner.

Net Worth

Hsieh Su-wei, a Taiwanese professional women’s tennis player. She has amassed an incredible prize pool of over $10 Million throughout her career – winning three singles titles on the WTA Tour, 28 doubles titles in total (one WTA 125 doubles title as well), 27 singles titles (and 23 doubles titles on ITF circuit) as well as seven medals at Asian Games including two gold, three silver and two bronze – making her one of the highest paid athletes ever.

In 2008, she won her inaugural Grand Slam main-draw match at the Australian Open by beating Klara Zakopalova in three sets before losing in round four to world No.1 Justine Henin.

At present, she is in a relationship with Frederic Aniere; they have been going steady for over seven years and can often be found attending Hsieh’s games to provide support and cheer her on.

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