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Gary Hoey is a well-renowned Guitarist from United States. Born August 23rd 1960 and now aged 58 years, Gary began performing and teaching guitar on August 23rd of 1960.

Hoey has released nearly two dozen albums since leaving high school to focus his energy and talent exclusively on music performance and teaching. He played guitar alongside Peter Frampton during Endless Summer II soundtrack sessions before dropping out altogether to pursue this profession full time.

Early Life and Education

Gary Hoey was born in Massachusetts on 23-August-1960 and is an American guitarist known for his surfer-rock music. To date he has released over twenty albums including Endless Summer II soundtrack.

Hoey taught himself guitar through self-study. However, he made friends at Boston’s Berklee College of Music by offering to pay for lessons for students and graduates there. Soon thereafter he dropped out of high school to devote his full attention to music, starting by performing at local Boston clubs.

Hoey released the album Animal Instinct in 1993, featuring a cover of Focus’ “Hocus Pocus”, and it reached Billboard’s Top 5 Hits chart. Additionally, Hoey joined forces with drummer Frankie Banali (ex-Quiet Riot) and bassist Rex Tennyson to form Heavy Bones, who released an eponymous debut record the same year but disbanded shortly thereafter.

Professional Career

Gary Hoey net worth, born August 23rd 1960 in Massachusetts is an acclaimed American guitarist known for his Surf rock style of music that produced nearly two dozen albums including Endless Summer II soundtrack.

Hoey dropped out of high school to devote his life to music, beginning by performing at local clubs. His big break came in 1988 when Ozzy Osbourne needed someone to replace Jake E. Lee as guitarist but ultimately chose Zakk Wylde instead.

He has performed with several artists such as Jeff Beck, Lita Ford, Foreigner, Deep Purple, Dick Dale, Joe Satriani and Peter Frampton, among many others. His recent releases (2013) Deja Blues and (2016) Dust & Bones feature more vocal elements to add another layer to his rock guitar style – as well as regular recording sessions with both artists.

Achievement and Honors

Gary Hoey is a veteran rock guitarist who delights audiences with his electric guitar mastery. From acoustic Latin arrangements such as Dust and Bones or blues fusion hits such as You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch from his annual Rockin’ Christmas series, Hoey always impresses listeners.

Ozzy Osbourne (an expert at picking top guitar players) first heard him play when he recommended moving from Boston to Los Angeles where the music scene was flourishing. Heavy Bones signed to Reprise Records with him that same year; one of their covers of Focus’s Hocus Pocus made Billboard’s Top Five Rock Tracks list!

He has shared the stage with legendary artists such as Ted Nugent, Foreigner, Joe Satriani and Kenny Wayne Shepard – among many others.

Personal Life

Gary Hoey is a household name worldwide, making significant contributions in entertainment and philanthropy. A well-recognized celebrity, Gary boasts a significant fanbase.

Hoey was an impressive guitarist in the vein of Eddie Van Halen and Stevie Ray Vaughan, with Animal Instinct serving as his debut album showcasing his considerable technical abilities as well as having roots in blues, arena rock, and surf rock – as evidenced by his 1994 soundtrack for Endless Summer II.

Gary Hoey is an American Guitarist who has released over two dozen albums including the Endless Summer II soundtrack. Discover his Net Worth, Age, Height, Family, Dating Partners, Wiki Biographie and Bio here.

Net Worth

Gary Hoey Net Worth is an esteemed guitarist. Known for his 22 albums and extensive touring as well as mastery of electric guitar. Additionally, his rendition of Focus hit Hocus Pocus made Billboard’s Top 5 hits list.

He has created a niche for himself that appeals to both guitarists and general audiences, recording an instrumental holiday album series known as Ho Ho Hoey as well as performing annually at Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp. Additionally, he has appeared on several television and radio programs.

As his personal and love lives remain private, there is limited information about his current relationship status or whether or not he has children. Additionally, he is an active philanthropist who has donated both time and money to various charitable causes and organizations.

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