In what time do you write a written discussion?

In what time do you write a written discussion?

In a discussion you write in the Simple Present, as far as I know mediation too. Present perfect simple can also appear in a summary. With the present perfect simple a connection between past and present or future is expressed.

If you started your comment with a question, you give an answer to this question in the final part. Important: you write your comment in the simple present!

When do I write a summary?

The most important tense for a summary is the present tense. Events that take place one after the other or at the same time in the action are therefore in the present tense. Note, however, that events that preceded the actual action must be in a different tense.

The comment in English is nothing more than an opinion on a chosen topic. Make sure that you structure your text clearly (introduction, main part, conclusion). It is best to write down your thoughts and arguments in notes before writing the text.

However, you should find at least 3 arguments for your opinion, that would give you a total of around 150-200 words – so for a comment you need at least 200 words, although this is of course only a guideline, a comment with 150 words can also be extremely good being.

How do you write a statement in English?

The structure of a statement (statement or comment) is very simple: The structure of the statement.Introduction: Name the topic it is about! Main part: Formulate arguments with examples, preferably in a good order! Conclusion: Draw a conclusion and make yours Opinion together again!

How do I write a discussion in English?

Writing a discussion in English: the method Read the task and everything that goes with it carefully 1 to 2 times. Write down everything that comes to your mind. Make it clear exactly what your argumentation should be about. Organize your arguments so that they run ideally to your conclusion.

What do you write in the discussion?

If you want to write a discussion, the following steps can help you: Structure the entire chapter before you start writing the discussion. Interpret your results. Connect them with the literature (and theory) from your literature section (indicate sources!)

How do I write a summary in English?

It is best to read the text carefully at least twice. Underline key words. Try to divide the text into sections of meaning. Start your summary with an introductory sentence. Pick up the sections of meaning in your summary again and structure your text according to them.

How do you write a review in English?

A criticism consists of three parts: introduction (main part) conclusion (conclusion)

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