In which city are the most unemployed people?

In which city are the most unemployed people?

District-free cities and districts with the highest unemployment rate in 2019. In 2019, the unemployment rate in the city of Gelsenkirchen was 12.8 percent, making the North Rhine-Westphalian city the highest unemployment rate of all cities and districts in Germany.

Where are the fewest unemployed?

The statistic shows the 20 countries with the lowest unemployment rates in 2019. In Qatar, the unemployment rate in 2019 was estimated at around 0.1 percent. This made Qatar the country with the lowest unemployment rate in the world in 2019.

In which state are the most unemployed people?

Federal states according to unemployment rate

How high is the unemployment rate in Germany at the moment?

Table of the unemployment rate in Germany since 1995yearUnemployment rate20185.2 percent20175.7 percent20166.1 percent20156.4 percent22 additional lines •

How many unemployed will there be in Germany in 2020?

In 2020, an average of around 2.69 million people were registered as unemployed by November.

What was the highest unemployment rate in Germany?

The number of unemployed reached a high in 2005 with almost 4.9 million people. However, it should be noted that when making a comparison with previous years, the (statistical) consequences of the labor market reforms (“Hartz IV”) must be taken into account.

What was the number of unemployed in Germany in 1999?

The unemployment rate, based on all civilian labor force, was an annual average of 8.8 percent in 1999, compared to 9.4 percent in the previous year. In relation to the dependent civilian labor force, the rate is 9.9 percent (previous year: 10.5 percent).

How many unemployed were there in Germany in 1999?

Share pageYearGermanyFormer federal territory2Unemployed numberUnemployment rate1%

What is the unemployment rate in Germany in 2019?

Around 45.3 million people were employed in 2019 – more than ever since reunification. The number of unemployed also continued to decline. An average of 2,267,000 people were registered as unemployed in 2019. That corresponds to a quota of five percent.

What was the number of unemployed in Germany in March 2020?

842,000 people received unemployment benefits in March 2020, 72,000 more than a year ago. The number of employable beneficiaries in the basic security for jobseekers (SGB II) was 3,747,000 in March. Compared to March 2019, this was a decrease of 255,000 people.

What are the unemployment figures?

Unemployment rate in Germany on an annual average of 20 Unemployment rate 2015 185.2% 2017 5.7% 2016 6.1% 2015 6.4% 9 •

How many short-time workers in 2020?

According to the Employment Agency, around six million people were on short-time work in April 2020. This significantly exceeded the previous record month of May 2009, when 1.44 million people were on short-time work. 7 days ago

How many employees are on short-time work?

Accordingly, the number of short-time working last month was 4.6 million people. The majority are workers from industry and the service sector. In industry, employees in the metal industry and in vehicle construction are particularly affected.

How many on short-time work?

According to estimates by the Ifo Institute, the number of short-time workers in Germany fell by one million in August to around 4.6 million people nationwide. This means that 14 percent of all employees are now on short-time work, compared to 17 percent in July.

How many receive short-time work benefits?

According to preliminary extrapolated data from the Federal Employment Agency, economic short-time working benefits were paid to 6.83 million employees in April, after 2.49 million in March. The use of short-time working was thus far above the values ​​at the time of the Great Recession in 2008/2009.

Is a marginal employee entitled to KUG?

Marginally employed workers do not have to be laid off before short-time work can be introduced. However, marginally employed workers cannot receive short-time work benefits.

Is vacation reduced in the case of short-time work?

For the duration of short-time work in the company, the following applies to vacation entitlement: Vacation may be shortened in accordance with working hours. This also applies in the case of short-time work “zero”, i.e. when there is no obligation to work.

How is short-time work allowance calculated in the event of illness?

For insured persons who become unable to work while receiving short-time allowance, the sickness allowance is calculated on the basis of the regular wage that was last earned before the loss of work (regular wage). The previous absence from work does not reduce the sick pay.

Is sick pay calculated after short-time work allowance?

Inability to work during short-time work If the inability to work occurs during or at the same time as the short-time work, then the entitlement to sickness benefit is based on Section 47b, Paragraph.

How are vacation days paid for short-time work?

In spite of the short-time work, the vacation remuneration is calculated according to the unreduced remuneration of the last 13 weeks in accordance with Section 11 Paragraph 1 Clause 3 BUrlG. Employees can therefore avoid loss of earnings due to short-time work by taking vacation. He is only entitled to Kug for the non-vacation days in the entitlement period, i.

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