Is Deutsche Post reply postage free?

Is Deutsche Post reply postage free?

Where the stamp is usually stuck, it says “Please stamp sufficiently” or “Please prepaid”. If the word “Answer” is located above the pre-printed address, the letter or card does not need to be franked, the postage is borne by the recipient.

How should a book shipment be sent?

As a book consignment, you may only send books, sheet music, brochures or maps. You may not add anything else to the shipment, especially personal messages. Swiss Post only accepts forms such as an invoice, a delivery note or a return label.

Which stamp goes on a postcard?

LETTERS/POSTCARDS/LETTERS/POSTCARDSCompact letter1-50g0.90 Large letter1-500g1.45 Maxi letter1-1,000g2.50 Postcard0.60 1 additional line

How expensive is a postcard?

Postage for letters and postcards in GermanyProductPrice in €*Postcard weight***0.60 €Print stamp ****Ground weight 150 – 500 g/sqm Standard***0.80 €Print stamp ****up to 20 gCompact0.95 € Print stamp ****up to 50 gLarge1.55 €Print stamp ****up to 500 g2

How much do I have to postage a postcard?

The postcard is currently franked within Germany with 45 euro cents. For postage abroad, the postcard must be franked with 90 cents. Postage to be due (shipping in a large letter envelope).

How much should be on a postcard?

Write on the front of the envelope only. Sender’s address at the top left – recipient’s address at the bottom right. Stamps or other type of franking in the upper right corner.

How much does a domestic postcard cost?

After more than 15 years of price stability, sending a postcard within Germany will cost EUR 0.60 from July 1st. Some prices will also increase for additional services and cross-border mail. The price for a standard international letter has risen to EUR 1.10.

How long can you use the old stamps?

Usually for about one and a half to two years. The reason for this restriction was a concern that postage stamps could endanger currency stability. Postage stamps have the exact monetary value stated on them.

Can you still use 60 cent stamps?

Since January 1, letters marked with a 60-cent stamp have been under-franked. Gabriele Steinfeld explains that there is no grace period in which these can still be carried out. However, it depends on whether it would be recognized that the letter is not sufficiently franked.

Are the 55 cent stamps still valid?

Up to and including December 31, the old postage for the standard letter weighing a maximum of 20 grams is still valid. So on New Year’s Eve, customers can safely post letters with 55 cents.

Can you still use the 58 cent stamps?

Shipping standard letters is becoming more expensive for the first time in 15 years: as of January 1, 2013, postage will increase to 58 cents. However, old stamps do not become invalid. A 58 cent stamp.

Is my stamp still valid?

All stamps with the overprint “Germany” issued since 2002 are valid, as are the stamps with a double denomination issued in 2000/2001 (marked in pfennigs and euros).

Are postage stamps from 2001 still valid?

– So far, all stamps issued by the Federal Republic of Germany from 1969 are still valid for franking; around 1600 different denominations can be used for postage purposes today. But the end of the postal use of postage stamps in DM currency is already dated – on June 30, 2002.

Can you still exchange dm stamps?

Larger stocks of the “old” DM stamps are to be expected, especially among stamp collectors. Deutsche Post has been offering an unlimited, free exchange since July 1st.

Can online stamps expire?

Your printed stamps can be used for a long time: INTERNET STAMPS only lose their validity at the end of the third year following their purchase. The relevant date of purchase (month/year) is printed on the internet stamp. A reimbursement of the postage after the validity has expired is excluded.

How long is an online stamp valid?

INTERNETMARKS are valid for three years.

Are the 62 cent stamps still valid?

Old stamps are still valid and can be used up if the difference to the current postage is added with supplementary stamps. So if you still have old 62-cent stamps in stock, you can buy a brand-new 10-cent supplementary stamp – and postage 2 cents too much.

Can stamps be combined?

Deutsche Post does not specify a maximum number of stamps that letters can be franked with. However, one thing is certain: only enough stamps may be affixed to the item so that it is still machine-readable. To do this, the stamps must be stuck in the so-called franking zone.

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