It’s that easy to paint your leather shoes

painting leather shoes
Looking for a creative hobby? -Just paint leather shoes!

The repainting of a leather shoe

Paint stripping of the shoe: Almost all shoes have already been provided with a protective layer by the manufacturer. This needs to be removed so that you can paint directly on the leather.

First, remove the laces. Give something Deglazer on the corner of a sponge and use it to scrub your shoes. You should notice a difference in the surface immediately when the paint is removed. In this case, you can see how some of the original color can be found on the sponge. Repeat this process until the entire surface of both shoes is “stripped”. You can apply the deglazer generously. After all, the new color you want to paint your shoes in won’t adhere properly if there is some residue of the original paint left.

Now at the latest you should think about which motifs you want to draw on the shoe. It’s best to make a few sketches on paper. This is how you first practice drawing. On the other hand, you can better assess how individual motifs actually work. You can also try out which colors go well together. Maybe you’d rather play it safe and use stencils. Or you can combine stencils with your own patterns and motifs.

Sketch with pencil

Next, sketch your motif with a pencil. The painting can also be erased on leather. That takes the pressure off of doing everything correctly the first time. The easiest way to remove pencil drawings is with a very soft eraser. You can also use a cotton swab moistened with deglazer to wipe away the graphite from the pencil.

Bring color into play

If you are satisfied with your pencil drawing, color finally comes into play. Now you paint in your sketch in color. To do this, you first color the individual areas by dividing them into single-colored areas. Later, you’ll add shading and texture to these areas. The Angelus Paint covers very well, so a thin layer usually covers everything completely. But it can also happen that you have to apply several coats to achieve the desired coverage. Fortunately, the paint dries so quickly that you can still do it all in one day.

Outlining the shapes

Vary the thickness of the edges of your drawings depending on which areas you want to highlight. To achieve very thin edges, use a wooden skewer dipped in black paint instead of a brush.

Wait for the varnish to dry, then repeat the process one more time.

The finish makes a huge difference: not only does it protect the shoe, but it also gives it a professional look by covering it with a thin layer of acrylic. Apply at least three coats to protect your masterpiece. So it will withstand any weather. Even if you have to clean your shoes, you don’t have to worry about your drawing. She can easily withstand it.

And you’re ready to wear your self-designed shoe! You are guaranteed to be approached about the design.

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