Think around the corner when vacationing

From an environmental point of view, traveling by air is about the worst crime a single person can wreak. The greenhouse gas emissions are warming the earth with devastating consequences for ecosystems and biodiversity. Aircraft noise and pollutants are also added. The consequences are fatal.


No, you don’t have to book a transatlantic flight to enjoy beautiful landscapes and great experiences. You can have a great time anywhere, even at home. Ultimately, holidays are all about taking a break from everyday life. And relaxation can also be found in this country – where you can reach your holiday destination without a plane.

To travel sustainably means to travel more slowly

There are more than enough alternatives to flying. However, most of them have a catch, they assume that the traveler is much time has.

To deal with the Cargo ship Traveling to the Caribbean can take a whole month into the country – in one direction, mind you! Not counting the time on site. By contrast, it only takes about a day by plane.

Train or car

If you limit yourself to Germany or Europe, further options open up that fit better into the time budget. How to get with the rail actually everywhere: if you want, you can travel all over the continent and explore regions and small towns that you would never have visited as a travel destination because they cannot compete with the well-known holiday resorts. Of course, passengers do not gain such knowledge and experience.

But rail travel also has some difficulties in store. It starts with putting together the travel routes with suitable connecting trains: The layman is dependent on expert advice, which at least exists in the form of special travel agencies, but is unfortunately associated with extra costs. Booking flights is much easier – and unfortunately still cheaper.

If you look at the costs, traveling by car tops both rail and air travel, especially if the whole family is on the go. What the Expenditure of time As far as concerns, it looks less favorable: Especially during the holidays, one usually maneuvers from one traffic jam to the next. And even if you are lucky and “get through”, longer journeys are like torture. After all, it is anything but pleasant to spend many hours penned in a confined space through the country.

The journey is the goal: bike tours

Slow travel is another alternative – and that is definitely the case with cycling tourism. Due to the corona, sales in the bicycle industry have been rising steeply since 2020. In fact, buying a bike has recently been linked to waiting times of several months: the bike has become a scarce commodity. Whoever was able to get hold of one does more than anything Vacation in the region. -And take it slow: Here the journey is clearly the goal. For reasons of time and fitness, hardly anyone will be cycling for more than two weeks at a time. But, as is well known, that also has its charm. As mentioned at the beginning, the holiday should do one thing above all else: That you relax from everyday stress.

Why we fly anyway

Despite all the ecological concerns, I am not completely cured of wanderlust. As long as the flights remain cheap, we will continue to take the plane – even if not every vacation. Why? -The plane is not only the safest means of transport, it also invites you to relax: read books, take a nap or listen to music, all of this is included during the journey. You can also work on your laptop, and even a power bank is allowed in hand luggage – under certain conditions.

For us it was and is proportionate quick arrival always the decisive factor that speaks in favor of a flight: Of course you can also get to Spain by car, but do you really have the time and inclination to cross half of Germany and all of France? The same applies to popular holiday destinations such as Greece or southern Italy: You cannot reach your holiday destination without an overnight stay (s). For those who travel for several weeks at a time, I like one Road trip be sexy. On the other hand, those who only have a few days of vacation at leisure cannot afford one.

So sometimes there is no alternative to flying. Even though we have had an undesirable companion lately: the guilty conscience. On the other hand, the situation can also be summarized as follows:

Traffic is responsible for almost 20 percent of greenhouse gases – and here more than 90 percent come from cars and trucks. Skip a flight? Well meant, but will hardly save the climate.

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