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Jack Baker is an intelligent and cunning criminal who wields power over others with Mold, an addictive fungal substance he creates from mold growths in the main house of Ethan Winters’s estate. When confronted by Ethan Winters at their main house he attacks with a shovel before murdering Sheriff’s Deputy Anderson and later takes revenge on Ethan Winters by attacking Ethan with it at Winter’s own residence.

Later, Jack confronted Ethan in the boathouse while railing against him for turning his family against him and grieving Marguerite’s death. But this version of Jack is not the true Jack.

Early Life and Education

After his mother’s death, Jack Baker was forced to move from Kansas and attend Morton Hill Academy, a boys’ boarding school in Maine. There he met Early Auden, an autistic savant obsessed with pi who lived in an old custodian’s workshop.

Jack was a strong individual who held strong values. However, his temper often flared up when drinking too much and caused strain in his relationships with both wife Marguerite and son Lucas.

Jack became infected with megamycete and displayed irrational behavior while under Eveline’s control after becoming infected. This caused hallucinations of Eveline as well as violent acts without feeling guilt for them; additionally it gave him increased regeneration powers. Later he appeared before Ethan while imprisoned by Mold and begged him to help release his family from its effects.

Professional Career

Jack is one of the three-four defensive linebackers found in a 3-4 formation. Also known as Mike or “the middle”, it serves as the quarterback of defense and calls defensive shifts and changes based on what the offense is doing. Additionally, this linebacker can blitz quarterbacks or play coverage.

Sam and weakside outside linebackers are also skilled blitzers, but their speed cannot compete with that of Jack. Thus, Jack is more likely to reach the quarterback than either Sam or weakside outside linebacker combined. Although Jack was brainwashed into becoming Eveline’s puppet, he still served his family well despite being brainwashed into becoming Eveline’s pawn – he even appeared in Ethan’s dream as an apology and to express how much he loved his family.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Backer was one of the storied figures in college journalism and the founder of one of the finest student newspapers: Indiana Daily Student. A beloved member of its staff for many years, he helped establish both this paper and Arbutus magazine – also creating the Jack Backer Scholarship that annually honors an Indiana Daily Student staffer. Backer can be found featured in a game called Jack’s 55th Birthday where players must bring food and drinks in timed increments to increase his satisfaction within an allotted period; additionally he fathered Eveline and Ethan before succumbing to mind control from Eveline; eventually being killed by Joe.

Personal Life

Although Jack was generally caring, he often indulged in binge drinking and displayed short temper issues which often caused tension within his family. Furthermore, he suffered from an incapacitating back injury since childhood that required constant treatment.

Jack found Eveline unconscious in the swamplands and brought her back to Lucas’ old room at the ranch, instructing Zoe to watch her despite her having become infected with mold. Her ability was to control and transform other people into Moldeds as well as endow them with superhuman powers such as hallucinations of Eveline, regeneration abilities, and an impaired reaction to pain stimuli.

Jack had been seen watching Ethan Winters stalk him around the main house before confronting him in the garage and attempting to use an old shovel to take out Ethan before using his car to drive into walls, walls, other parts of the house, eventually setting fire to it all.

Net Worth

Jack Backer reportedly has an estimated net worth of between $1 Million – $10 Million dollars earned through his primary career as a Baseball Player.

Baker McKenzie’s London-based Dispute Resolution Department employs him as a Senior Associate, where he specialises in general commercial and trust disputes work and cross-jurisdictional trust and private wealth disputes.

He is married to Renate and has three children. His hobbies include outdoor pursuits such as hiking and mountain climbing. Additionally, he actively takes part in the Firm’s PRIME initiative by hosting work experience events to increase social mobility within legal profession. Furthermore, he enjoys going on cruises.

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