Jack Parks

Jack Parks

At one time, every town had a blacksmith shop; now Parks serves as a link between this history and an emerging generation of young metalsmiths by using antique trip hammers and his family lathe to craft steel goods using forging processes.

Harold Hayes of KDKA provides us with his report.

Early Life and Education

Jack Parks’ early life and education profoundly shaped his later work. Born into poverty, he spent his days reading. Later moving to New York he started writing and directing films centered on black detectives that helped establish a genre known as blaxploitation.

Parks’ work as an artist extends to both teaching at Mines and helping found the TMS International Bladesmithing Competition for university students. His mentoring of younger smiths has been essential for their success.

His weekly participation at hammer-ins has become an invaluable resource for students. Thanks to him, an exciting National Science Foundation-funded program combining art with materials science and engineering is now underway.

Professional Career

Jack Parks is an investment professional at Align Capital Partners and works on executing investments as part of his role. He possesses experience with middle-market private equity and mergers & acquisitions (M&A). Furthermore, Jack is an accomplished track athlete having competed at both high school and collegiate competitions at national competitive events in track & field.

He has long been an Ohio State fan and made it his career, appearing on sports radio shows and serving as their unofficial football historian. Additionally, he coaches youth sports programs and is actively involved in community organizations.

Frauson has over two decades of experience working in parks and recreation, becoming a leader in his field. He has received numerous awards – such as North Carolina Recreation and Park Society Fellow Award – while serving on their Board for numerous years.

Achievement and Honors

Jack is widely revered in the field of park and recreation. With an illustrious career spanning three decades, he has made significant contributions to public service while garnering many honors along the way.

He is widely revered for his dedication to students, donating equipment and offering guidance throughout their metalworking processes. Through his guidance, many of them earned special recognition at TMS International Bladesmithing Competition.

In 2022, he volunteered his time to help Westmoreland State Park run smoothly despite staff vacancies. His contributions included building an outdoor classroom, leading First Day hikes, improving trails, planting wildflowers and greeting visitors while maintaining campsites – helping ensure it remained open and welcoming to visitors of all kinds. For his efforts, he received the National Recreation and Park Association President’s Award, considered to be the highest honor a parks and recreation employee can receive.

Personal Life

Parks was not only active in business, but was also an avid collector of antique gas engines. Additionally, he enjoyed sports fanaticism and was an active member of South Edmeston Community Center as well as serving as fire chief in Cassville while being an enthusiastic steam engine club member.

Parks was both an accomplished amateur sportsman and devoted family man. He leaves his partner of 14 years Wanetta Daniels as well as children Gary, John (Tina), Denise and 18 grandchildren behind. Unfortunately he predeceased one daughter named Donna.

Net Worth

Parks is an experienced private equity investor, having invested in over 30 lower middle market transactions as part of his current role as co-founder and managing partner at ACP – a Dallas-based private equity firm.

His philanthropic endeavors are well documented. He contributed significantly to the construction of various performing arts venues in Seattle such as Benaroya Hall. Furthermore, he donated millions to local non profit organizations.

Outside of work, Parks enjoys spending time with his wife and son while also connecting with friends and family over dinner or drinks. He and his wife split their time between Seattle and Rancho Mirage in California for winter retreat. Parks is also an accomplished writer; his superhero parody Uncle Slam & Fire Dog featured prominently in Action Planet Comics magazine.

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