Jack Meserve

Jack Meserve, a Journalist for Democracy Journal, Passes Away

Jack Meserve, a journalist for Democracy Journal, has written articles covering an array of subjects such as how the middle class is doing and Alabama’s harsh prisons. Additionally, he’s discussed child poverty reduction strategies such as giving each child a direct cash allowance; making him a valuable source of information on this and other related subjects.

Early Life and Education

Corabelle Meserve of South Portland passed away peacefully at Springbrook Center in Westbrook on March 12, 2013. Born in Portland to Almon and Bertha Peary Dunham, she graduated from South Portland High School. She was an active member of South Portland’s First United Methodist Church, Eastern Star and Daughters of the Nile organizations as well as serving on their longtime board as well as volunteering for Teen Canteen and FISH. She is survived by her children: John Meserve of Douglas; Jay Meserve and his wife Julie of Leicester; Tom Meserve with his partner Kathy Bellemare from Ticonderoga, New York; Beth El-Massih (and Fadi) in Southborough and Chuck Meserve from Southborough. She is survived by 10 grandchildren: Jolene and Andy Milaszewski, Molly Conway, Rebecca Shahrestani, Cheryl Meserve and her husband Myles Zeyak as well as 16 great-grandchildren. Lawrence Meserve predeceased her as well as Edgar Dunham (brother), Jack Dunham (sister-in-law) and Doris Perkins.

Professional Career

Jack Meserve has dedicated much of his career to architecture, writing, and education. His articles have appeared in New York magazine and the Chronicle of Higher Education; currently, he serves as managing editor of Democracy: A Journal of Ideas. He has published extensively about architectural history, as well as being an active participant at preservation-oriented non-profits in his local community. He has organized and given many walking tours of Portland’s historic architecture, focusing on Terra Cotta buildings, Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern houses as well as the legacy of specific architects such as Pietro Belluschi, Saul Zaik, Van Evera Bailey and Kenneth Birkemeier. Since 2021 he has also served on the Board of Directors of Restore Oregon; living in Lake Oswego while producing animation TV projects through Wind Dancer Films Production Company.

Achievement and Honors

Sponsored by the Maine Section of the American Chemical Society and Bowdoin’s Chemistry Department, this award recognizes exceptional work performed by graduating senior chemistry majors who display potential for future advancement. Meserve took home this prize thanks to his outstanding laboratory work.

On patrol near a river village, Meserve and his squad stop to rest and joke around during a break; but during that break Specialist 4 “Brownie” Brown is killed by a Viet Cong ambush, leaving an impactful mark upon Meserve.

Meserve commands Eriksson and her squad to kidnap Vietnamese girl Tran Thi Oanh and bring her back for questioning at an abandoned hooch, then orders Clark and Hatcher to rape Tran in turn while Eriksson stands outside in silence while Meserve forces Eriksson to stand outside while Clark, Hatcher, and Meserve sexually abuse Tran. After their raid is complete, they attempt to conceal their crime, however an Army Chaplain discovers their crime and reports it directly back to base command.

Personal Life

Corabelle D. Meserve of South Portland passed peacefully away peacefully at Springbrook Center in Westbrook on Tuesday March 12, 2013. A dedicated wife, mother and grandmother she is survived by her son Allen of Harrogate UK with wife Denise; daughter Linda Ridlon from Wales who married Steve; 3 grandchildren 2 great grandchildren along with sister Innez Kierstead as well as numerous nieces and nephews.

Merna Rachel Hunt of Abilene, Kansas passed away unexpectedly last fall at age 85. In addition to her immediate family members and many close friends who knew and loved her well, Merna Rachel Hunt will be greatly missed as her wit, intelligence and sense of humor will be sorely missed by everyone she leaves behind.

Net Worth

Dete Meserve is an award-winning writer, partner at Wind Dancer Films and executive producer of both Home Improvement (starring Tim Allen ) and What Women Want ( starring Helen Hunt and Mel Gibson ). Through Silver Creek Falls Entertainment she currently produces animation programs including children’s television shows based on beloved science books for one of the major streaming services. In addition, Meserve serves as managing editor of Democracy: A Journal of Ideas as well as contributing her writing talents to New York magazine and Chronicle of Higher Education publications as well as being a partner of Koll Company which invests in industrial investment properties.

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