James Keach Net Worth

James Keach Net Worth – Actor, Director, and Producer

James Keach has amassed an estimated net worth of $20 Million. Known for roles such as The Long Riders and Walk the Line, as well as co-producing Johnny Cash: Biopic (2005 film), his estimated worth can be found here.

Keach has built an acclaimed acting career and garnered widespread critical acclaim. Additionally, he’s dedicated his time and resources to support causes like Meningitis UK.

Early Life and Education

James Keach is an esteemed actor, director, and producer who has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry. A graduate of Northwestern University and Yale School of Drama where he received extensive classical theater training.

Keach has proven himself a skilled actor with an expansive range of acting capabilities. Additionally, he is also an esteemed filmmaker having produced multiple critically-acclaimed movies himself.

Keach is well known for acting and directing roles, but also writes and produces films. Perhaps his most celebrated role was co-writing and producing The Long Riders in 1980; Johnny Cash was so moved by this film he asked Keach to help produce his biopic Walk the Line.

Professional Career

James Keach is an established American actor and director. Known for movies that explore classic themes such as faith and redemption, Keach has also established himself as an accomplished producer; having directed multiple films and TV shows such as Dr Quinn Medicine Woman with Jane Seymour as lead protagonist; as well as co-producing Oscar-nominated movie Walk the Line.

Keach was born December 7, 1947 in Savannah, Georgia to actor Stacy Keach Sr. and actress Jeanie Keach (Tracey). He shares two twin sons with Holly Collins – sister to singer Judy Collins! Additionally he was close with David Carradine who hosted his wake at his own home.

Achievement and Honors

James Keach has earned many kudos for his contributions in acting and directing, not to mention his philanthropy efforts, such as contributing to various charities and organizations.

Born December 7th 1947 as a Sagittarius with an optimistic disposition and desire for adventure and discovery, his vibrant personality has allowed him to establish an outstanding career in entertainment.

After making his debut in 1971 on an episode of NET Playhouse as Orville Wright alongside real-life brother Stacy Wright, he quickly went on to star in many television shows and films – earning significant income through their roles. Additionally, they produced and directed several movies to add further financial gains; most recently co-producing “Walk the Line”, a biopic on country singer Johnny Cash whom they both consider close friends.

Personal Life

Keach has established himself in the acting industry with notable successes both onscreen and behind it. Additionally, he is active in charitable giving by supporting multiple non-profits.

He has composed and recorded songs. From 1993 until their divorce in 2015, he was married to Jane Seymour.

James Keach hails from an entertainment family. Both his mother and father were actors; as was James himself. After attending Northwestern University and Yale School of Drama for acting training, James entered theater productions before later moving onto film/television projects as both star and director. He began appearing professionally in early 70s theater productions before transitioning into film/TV roles starring in various projects as director or star himself.

Net Worth

James Keach stands as an incredible testament to how honoring one’s own culture can enable great things in one’s career. Through film, James has captured powerful narratives with great success, earning both critical acclaim and financial rewards for his endeavors.

Keach has established himself as an accomplished actor and producer alike, including working on critically-acclaimed films like Johnny Cash biopic “Walk The Line”, as well as episodes for various television series.

Keach is father to four children: twin sons John and Kristopher with Jane Seymour from their former relationship, as well as Kalen from Marilyn Aiken from their previous union. Additionally, he owns a Malibu home overlooking the ocean and participates in charitable efforts such as supporting organizations like Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

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