Jane Sanders Net Worth

Jane Sanders Net Worth – College Administrator and Social Worker

Virginia Sanders, wife of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, has made her mark as an accomplished social worker and college administrator, in addition to taking an active role in political campaigns.

The Sanders’ own three homes: a four-bedroom house in Burlington, DC row house near Capitol, and lakefront vacation property. Furthermore, this couple has made millions in book royalties.

Early Life and Education

Born Mary Jane O’Meara on January 3, 1950 in Brooklyn to Bernadette Joan Sheridan and Benedict P. O’Meara, Sanders attended Catholic schools including Saint Saviour High School before leaving to marry David Driscoll; moving with him and their son when IBM transferred them. In 1975 they relocated to Vermont as his employer transferred him.

She served as provost and interim president of Goddard College, was active with various non-profits, and in 2017 founded The Sanders Institute – all roles which likely contributed to her overall net worth.

Sanders earns money from speaking engagements and book royalties, in addition to her income from political activism and support of her husband’s career, making her an influential figure in American politics.

Professional Career

Jane Sanders possesses an impressive academic resume. She served as provost and interim president at Goddard College and president at Burlington College for seven years, in addition to being involved with non-profit organizations. Sanders’ long career in higher education likely contributed to her net worth as well as income generated from book sales and real estate investments.

She has been an invaluable advisor and partner of her husband throughout his political journey. She was actively involved in his campaigns for office – including his 2016 run against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination – as well as community activism and youth advocacy work. Furthermore, she co-founded The Sanders Institute, an initiative aiming to engage citizens and media alike to find progressive solutions to economic, environmental, and racial justice issues.

Achievement and Honors

Jane Sanders has earned great renown as an academic and social worker. Through her engagement in nonprofit organizations and support of progressive policies, she has made invaluable contributions to various social causes.

Sanders completed her undergraduate social work degree from the University of Tennessee and her master’s from Goddard College; these experiences have had a great effect on her life and career decisions.

Sanders co-founded The Sanders Institute, a think tank dedicated to progressive ideas and policy making, which has allowed her to significantly increase her net worth. She earns income through public speaking engagements as well as holding two homes in Vermont and one lakefront vacation property in North Hero – these income sources together help contribute to her total assets of $8 Million+.

Personal Life

Jane Sanders may be best known as the wife of Bernie, but she has made quite an impressionful mark for herself in public life as well. She serves as a social worker, college administrator, political activist and co-founder of The Sanders Institute as well as being past president of Burlington College.

She is also an accomplished author who has earned income through various book deals. Furthermore, she generates additional revenues through involvement in nonprofit organizations and speaking engagements.

She is currently married to American politician Bernie Sanders and stepmother to his son Levi. She has resided in Vermont for some time now; previously living in Brooklyn with former IBM employee David Driscoll before returning home for good in Vermont.

Net Worth

Mary Jane O’Meara Sanders, widely recognized for her social work and political campaigns. As the wife of American Senator Bernie Sanders, she has played an instrumental role in his political life as his political wife. Additionally, she served as provost and interim president at Goddard College as well as president at Burlington College and in 2017 launched The Sanders Institute to advance progressive policies and ideas.

Substantial wealth was amassed through her non-profit work, book sales, royalties and real estate investments. Forbes reports that she and her husband own two properties located in Vermont and Washington D.C. respectively: four bedroom home in Burlington bought for $405,000 in 2009; as well as row house purchased in D.C. that cost them an estimated total of $489,000.

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