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How Much is Jerryrrell Powe Worth?

Football was Powe’s pathway to a better life; perhaps his only one. He worked so hard to meet expectations that he exhausted himself trying to live up to them.

At Wayne County High School in Mississippi, he began playing football early and quickly made an impressionful impactful showing – amassing 89 tackles and five forced fumbles while garnering All-American honors from Parade and USA Today.

Early Life and Education

Powe was raised in Buckatunna, a small town in Wayne County. While attending high school there, he became known for his stellar defensive line performance. Unfortunately, three times during college eligibility determinations at Ole Miss, the NCAA denied Powe eligibility and discriminated against his learning disability – an action Powe claims as unfair discrimination.

Dreams of playing in the NFL turned into a nightmare; physically and mentally draining him of all energy as he studied playbooks and game plans and dealt with pressure of keeping his job.

Now that he is the proud parent of Jayce, he wants to ensure that he starts off on the right foot. Everyday he exercises, searches for lost rings and works on business ideas while managing finances and organizing memorabilia.

Professional Career

Powe has accomplished his dream of becoming a professional football player through hard work during both his college and post-college years. Thanks to this success, his salary and endorsement deals have brought in millions, significantly increasing his net worth.

He has spent his NFL career with both Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans; currently, he is being detained on kidnapping allegations alongside co-conspirator Gavin Bates at Ridgeland Detention Center, Mississippi.

He is immensely proud of his son Jayce and wants to ensure that they start out better than him. Often seen spending time with Melvin Mathis who he works on marijuana ventures together.

Achievement and Honors

Powe has accomplished much in his career as a football player. He has amassed millions of dollars through salary and signing bonuses alone; furthermore, he is renowned for being an exceptional performer who can thrive in any game situation.

In spite of all the negative attention surrounding him, he hasn’t lost sight of his goals. He earned a degree through hard work, and plans on continuing working toward them even after retiring from football.

He aspires to pursue law enforcement once he completes his degree, as he would like to help people like he was assisted by police in his hometown. Furthermore, trucking was always something he was drawn to since childhood – this is something he wants to continue doing throughout his life.

Personal Life

Powe focused his post-retirement energies on losing weight and getting his college degree – ultimately graduating from Ole Miss with a Criminal Justice major – as well as working out daily and texting his teammates like Jackson and Anthony Toribio to discuss football, as well as coming up with business ideas.

Jayce, born in 2012, is his primary focus; he wants to ensure he grows up on an optimal path rather than following in his footsteps.

Kidnapping charges against Powe have proven a major distraction; his friends believe he has been targeted due to being an NFL star. Mississippi Today reporter Anna Wolfe released an informative, must-read piece about this case earlier this week; check it out here. A hearing has been scheduled for Tuesday; until then it remains speculation. Powe remains detained at Ridgeland Detention Center awaiting trial.

Net Worth

Though he has enjoyed professional football success, Powe remains close to home. He continues to grow and sell produce he produces in Buckatunna, Mississippi while also owning a car wash/detailing business.

At Wayne County High School, he excelled as a defensive tackle, amassing 89 tackles and nine quarterback sacks as a senior while forcing five fumbles, earning All-American recognition from Parade and USA Today.

At 36, he still remains single and plays professionally for both Houston Texans and Washington Redskins, earning millions during his professional career. It is estimated that his current estimated net worth ranges between $1- $5 Million. These earnings include salary and signing bonuses.

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