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The Mysterious Necklace Jack Gifted Kevin in “Number One”

Professional Career

Jack designs his jewelry in his Los Angeles master studio and has it handcrafted by skilled jewelry artisans from his team. Using techniques such as sandblasting, texture rolling and tufa casting to craft his unique pieces – each piece showcasing great attention to detail with stunning design elements blending traditional Navajo themes with contemporary trends – Jack creates pieces characterized by great details, high quality and unique style that stand the test of time.

He works with various materials and finishes, spanning sterling silver to gold. His go-to tools are a hand file and polishing wheel; additionally he enjoys employing unique techniques such as etching to give his jewelry its signature finish.

Travel is essential to his work. His favorite travel destination is Brazil for its people and culture; in addition, he often visits galleries or trade shows in search of gemstones for his creations.

Achievement and Honors

Jack’s designs have earned him gold, silver and bronze awards in the Jewellery Oscars – the UK’s jewellery design awards. For instance, his Octopus Beard Adornment garnered 2D Designer of the Year recognition at one of these events.

His collections have been showcased at premier art festivals from Columbus to Winterfair and his one-of-a-kind pieces have even been sold in Harrods and other luxury boutiques.

Jack’s Judith Jack jewelry brand is widely recognized as the premier marcasite fashion jewelry in the US, featuring vintage and modern styles. Available at Nordstrom, Marshall Fields, Von Maur, Lord & Taylor department stores as well as specialty jewelry stores nationwide; QVC TV Shopping Network also carries this product; with its distinctive style and high quality standards winning it high regard among marcasite aficionados.

Personal Life

Jack gave Kevin an unexpected necklace in November 2017 episode “Number One”, and its significance has left an indelible mark on their lives and those around them. But what exactly is its meaning?

Google searches reveal that the pendant features the ship wheel symbolizing Dharmachakra – an ancient Buddhist concept representing the spread of Buddha’s teachings, according to Tricycle magazine’s nonsectarian Buddhist journal.

Hien may have owned this necklace at some point before Jack saved her in Vietnam for Kevin in an upcoming episode, making the connection even stronger between Hien and Kevin.

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