Joint Jack

Joint Jack – A Profile of a Nonprofit Professional

Joint Jack is a finger splint designed to treat flexion contracture that applies constant pressure with progressive splinting. Traction can be adjusted via turning a screw. A comfortable cotton strap and felt padding make for maximum wearability; wear for one hour two to three times daily or an hour prior to going to sleep at night.

Early Life and Education

Jack held dual citizenship due to being raised by both US and German parents; however, he affirmed his allegiance to one country as part of becoming an Army officer and serving his nation – thus developing an unwavering sense of patriotism that remains strong today.

Experiences early in his life also helped shape his beliefs and views regarding religion and education, with major works that defined this field and more practical works geared to lay people. Throughout his career, he focused on religious and Christian education from multiple angles: major works that defined them and books tailored specifically towards lay people.

Religion Education was under his care as editor, which saw increased readership and contributions by new scholars to its pages. Furthermore, he used his position to mentor younger generations of religious education scholars to build upon what came before them.

Professional Career

Jack has extensive experience working with nonprofit and real estate entities throughout his professional career, serving as co-leader of LaPorte’s Nonprofit Industry Group and tax technical leader of their Tax Department. As such, he advises nonprofit clients on tax compliance matters related to formation/structure/unrelated business income/policy development/taxable expenditures/intermediate sanctions/lobbying ethics compliance issues; lobbying ethics compliance etc. Additionally he assists them with attaining or maintaining tax exempt status by offering advice regarding potential impacts from new activities/investments etc on tax exempt status status based on tax exempt status issues; helping clients obtain/maintain this status if necessary by offering advice about implications related to new activities or investments on said status.

He is experienced in working with individuals and businesses on various corporate matters, such as entity selection; financing, acquisition and operation of companies in technology, media, e-sports, life sciences healthcare financial services energy real estate and services industries as well as tax deferral strategies.

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