John Sypal

John Sypal

John Sypal is an enthusiastic camera enthusiast who collects and uses a wide variety of analog cameras. Based in Tokyo since 2004, he runs the popular blog/instagram account Tokyo Camera Style.

Sypal’s unique book captures Tokyo’s film-camera enthusiasts through street portraits that showcase their eclectic equipment and personality. It offers an insight into a culture where photography is paramount and cameras take center stage.

Early Life and Education

John Sypal was born and raised in Nebraska, USA and studied art at the University of Nebraska. In 2004, he relocated to Tokyo where he continues to reside and work as a photographer.

He is best known for his Instagram account Tokyo Camera Style which celebrates Tokyo’s photographic culture. In his street portraits, we see Japanese film-camera enthusiasts posing with their beloved equipment.

Since 2012, he has been creating the series “Zuisha,” which translates to “pen-like.” In these photos he captures moments that feel authentic in their own time: some mundane like a couple walking by the lake with blossoms in the background; others evocative such as his girlfriend lifting up her cigarette smoke.

Professional Career

John Sypal is an enthusiastic film enthusiast from Lincoln, Nebraska and owns two Leica MP and M5 cameras. He’s a member of the Tokyo Camera Club (TCC) and regularly exhibits at Totem Pole Gallery; additionally, John runs an Instagram channel (@tokyocamerastyle) which has gained an enthusiastic following.

For analog photography enthusiasts, nothing quite captures the magic of an old-school black and white film camera like a good, old Polaroid SX-70 camera. Tokyo Camera Style’s owner loves to capture Tokyo’s best sights with Leica MP & M5 plus lenses while making regular trips across the Pacific to snap some new shots with his beloved SX-70 camera.

Achievements and Honors

John Sypal is an American photographer based in Japan since 2004. He collects vintage cameras and uses them to document camera enthusiasts around Tokyo on his blog Tokyo Camera Style, which has gained global recognition.

Sypal’s street portraits of photography enthusiasts reveal the creative minds behind some of photography’s most dedicated followers, showcasing details that might otherwise go overlooked. From clothes and jewelry to hands and feet, shoes, socks – even customized camera straps – these images tell a story and offer insight into street culture where cameras take center stage – all captured in an intriguing new book! Don’t miss out – you won’t be disappointed!

Personal Life

John Sypal is an American photographer who has lived in Tokyo since 2004. His passion for film photography and admiration of the Japanese city have combined to create his popular Instagram channel @tokyocamerastyle, where he captures candid moments of life in this vibrant metropolis.

He has a passion for collecting analog cameras, having photographed more than 3,000 of these machines. His trusty Leica M6 camera never leaves his side as he captures images in and around Tokyo – from couples taking a stroll to women lighting cigarettes. Additionally, he runs Tokyo Camera Style blog where he shares his favorite things about the city.

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