Jose Coronado Net Worth

Jose Coronado is an internationally acclaimed Spanish actor whose journey is full of milestones. From Madrid to international renown, his contributions on screen have left an indelible mark with audiences everywhere.

Movie Actor was born August 14th 1957. He has one daughter named Candela and is also the father of actor Nicolas Coronado, making his acting debut with Waka-Waka in 1987.

Early Life and Education

Jose Coronado is an outstanding actor with an impressive range of credits to his name. His success as an actor speaks volumes for both his talent and dedication, earning praise from both critics and audiences.

Born in Madrid, Spain with its vibrant culture, he may have found inspiration there for his artistic growth.

He started his career as a model and choreographer before enrolling in Cristina Rota’s acting program. Additionally, he owned a restaurant before making his film debut with Waka-Waka in 1987 – winning several awards including Goya, Sant Jordi Awaer, and Fotogramas de Plata awards for his efforts.

Professional Career

Jose Coronado is a beloved movie actor from Spain renowned for his contributions to film and television. Born August 14, 1957 under Leo zodiac, Coronado first started his career modeling before transitioning into acting roles.

He has earned numerous honors throughout his professional career. For instance, his role in No habra paz para los malvados earned him numerous accolades such as a Goya Award, Sant Jordi Award and Fotogramas de Plata award.

His other films include Periodistas, The Body and Contratiempo. Additionally, he is well known for his philanthropic efforts and enjoys travelling. Additionally, Monica Molina and Nicolas Coronado and Candela Coronado make up his happy and harmonious family unit.

Achievement and Honors

Coronado has won multiple awards throughout his career. His performance in No habra paz para los malvados earned him Goya, Sant Jordi, and Fotogramas de Plata honors. Furthermore, he received the Silver Bear for Best Actor at Berlin International Film Festival.

Coronado’s accomplishments extend far beyond his acting career. Notable among them are being the father to Nicolas (an actor himself) and Candela, whom both children are actors themselves, as well as being active philanthropically.

Jose Coronado has made quite the name for himself as an actor, amassing an impressive net worth of $5 Million thanks to hard work. This impressive sum shows just how successful and hardworking Jose is within the entertainment industry.

Personal Life

Coronado is an avid family man and community activist. He values spending time with loved ones while traveling and experiencing new cultures. Coronado also has a deep-seated passion for cinematography and has made invaluable contributions to Spanish film and television.

Nicolas Coronado and Candela Coronado, their children. Nicolas made his acting debut in 1987’s Waka-Waka.

He is an exceptional leader, possessing outstanding management abilities. Additionally, his acting talent has won him multiple awards. On top of all this, his spiritual side remains strong as he constantly searches for ways to grow personally and professionally. His Life Path Number of 8 signifies growth.

Net Worth

Coronado is an avid traveler and explorer, who delights in experiencing new cultures. Additionally, he loves reading and listening to music as well as classic movies and contemporary television series such as Game of Thrones. Additionally, he’s also an enthusiastic foodie and likes trying new cuisines!

Nicolas and Candela, his two children. Known for his muscular physique and social media following. An accomplished actor and great influence.

He began his career by studying medicine and law before leaving to participate in commercial shoots. Later he enrolled at Christina Rota’s acting school where he made his debut in 1987 with El Publico play produced in Madrid by Christina Rota; going on to win awards such as Goya, Sant Jordi and Fotogramas de Plata awards for this performance.

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