Starshell Net Worth

Starshell is an accomplished American singer-songwriter and businesswoman best known for her site ‘Birthday Girl World’.

She typically keeps her personal life private, yet recently shared an image with her fiance displaying a wedding ring and no details about him; though he is an accomplished finance manager.

Early Life and Education

LaNeah Menzies, known professionally as Starshell, is an American singer-songwriter and social entrepreneur. She began her singing career as Mary J Blige’s protegee before releasing the critically-acclaimed Superluva. Other popular albums released include My Star, Birthday Girl and Last Chance.

She has written songs for Kanye West including Love Lockdown and 808’s & Heartbreak; she has been actively in the industry since 1998.

As far as her personal life goes, the musical star remains exceptionally discreet. However, she occasionally gives media members some glimpses into it – recently uploading a picture with her life partner that includes their wedding band; unfortunately there’s no information regarding him other than knowing he works in finance management.

Professional Career

LaNeah Menzies, better known by her stage name Starshell is an American actress, singer-songwriter, social entrepreneur and recording artist who has made a name for herself as one of America’s most popular and wealthy singers. She favors wearing brand name clothing and accessories and owns her own private jet.

Starshell is also the creator of Birthday Girl World tech platform, raising a seed investment of $1 Million in seed funding. Her song, “Birthday Girl”, resonated with fans and hit #1 on Billboard Hot 100 chart in January.

Starshell has kept her personal life mostly under wraps, yet recently posted an Instagram photo with whom is believed to be her fiance Kendu Isaacs who used to manage Mary J Blige but later started dating Starshell post-divorce. It is thought that Kendu was Mary J Blige’s manager before becoming Kendu Isaacs’ and Starshell’s partner in their romance.

Achievement and Honors

Starshell is one of the premier singers in America, boasting a significant wealth. She enjoys living an extravagant lifestyle characterized by marked clothing and jewelry from well-known designers as well as owning an expensive plane. Furthermore, this gifted vocalist earned $1 Million backing from a value venture group.

Starshell has long maintained an air of secrecy surrounding her personal life, yet recently shared an image with her fiance where they can be seen wearing wedding bands. Unfortunately, his identity remains hidden; he is believed to be an accomplished businessman. Additionally, Starshell herself is an accomplished entrepreneur having developed the Birthday Girl World tech platform and an active social media personality.

Personal Life

LaNeah Menzies, more commonly known by her stage name Starshell is an American singer-songwriter, social entrepreneur and founder of Birthday Girl World tech platform. She is well known for singing the hit single titled “Birthday Girl”.

Music star Sheryl Crow tends to keep her personal life private; however, she has provided some insights into her romantic life with media outlets. Recently she posted an image featuring herself and her fiance where we could clearly see their wedding ring; unfortunately though no details about him or his profession as a businessman exist.

She is a huge supporter of basketball player LeBron James and can often be seen sitting in his seat during Heat games. Additionally, she owns her own private jet and several luxury homes.

Net Worth

LaNeah Menzies, more commonly known by her stage name Starshell, is an American actress, singer/songwriter, social entrepreneur and businesswoman. She gained notoriety for her feature work on Kanye West’s Love Lockdown single. Additionally, Menzies launched Birthday Girl World tech platform which has now raised over $1 Million funding.

She maintains an extremely private life; however, from time to time she gives some glimpses into it to the media. Recently she shared a photo with her fiance where we can clearly see their wedding band – no information regarding who he might be or their pending marriage are known at this point; although he’s reportedly a finance manager.

She enjoys dressing in designer apparel and accessories from brands she admires, jetsetting on her own luxury plane and striking lucrative deals with various companies.

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