Junie Browning Net Worth

Junie Browning and Rob Browning became well-known to MMA fans throughout 2010 through their outrageous actions on Ultimate Fighter reality show. Both brothers were notorious for making rude remarks towards fellow cast members during filming of this program.

Browning has also competed twice in the UFC, posting an undefeated record (1-1-0). He now lives and works as a trainer in Kentucky.

Early Life and Education

Browning’s hard work ethic has propelled her to success as an actress. With a variety of projects on the horizon, which showcase her talent and versatility, her dedication has allowed her to connect with audiences worldwide.

Junie Browning made waves after competing on The Ultimate Fighter season 8 and becoming an instant fan-favorite with his trademark antics and signature laugh. Both him and brother Rob mesmerized fans through their charismatic performances on stage.

He is best-known for his fight with Cole Miller at UFC Fight Night 18. Miller took down Browning with a straight right punch before applying a guillotine choke to end the bout. Both Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg noted how much his striking and footwork has improved since competing on The Ultimate Fighter.

Professional Career

Junie Browning first gained recognition as a mixed martial artist by appearing on The Ultimate Fighter reality show and winning two UFC matches; currently his record stands at 2-1-0.

In 2011, he was involved in a bar fight in Phuket, Thailand which left him with numerous wounds and claims he was attacked by members of the Thai mob mafia.

Though his reputation was often maligned, he continued to fight professionally and frequently appear on sports podcasts like Joe Rogan’s podcasts. Rogan noted that his striking technique had improved significantly since appearing on The Ultimate Fighter Season 8.

At 4 Seasons MMA in Lexington, Kentucky he now trains alongside longtime friend and trainer Michael O’Donnell and recently stated via social media posts that teaching students has given him a true passion for life.

Achievement and Honors

Junie Browning has made an impressionful name for himself in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) world. He has appeared in multiple online video clips and podcasts that have contributed significantly to his reputation in this field.

Junie has made quite the impactful impression with his fight career and appearance on Ultimate Fighter season 8. Additionally, this has garnered him considerable exposure and popularity.

Browning became known for playing practical jokes on his fellow contestants during this show, including throwing eggs at one competitor and engaging them in an altercation that resulted in physical fights between themselves.

Recently, he assumed the coaching position at 4 Seasons MMA along with friend and trainer Michael O’Donnell. On Facebook he has shared that he is one month sober while remaining in Lexington, Kentucky.

Personal Life

Junie Browning, best known for his antics on The Ultimate Fighter 8, and as Rob Browning’s brother. Unfortunately, Junie has a history of alcoholism and anger management issues which has gotten him in trouble with law, even leading him to assault medical caretakers.

He first gained fame through his fight with Cole Miller in 2009. Since then, authorities in Thailand are looking for him. Since that event he has not competed professionally.

Browning has worked as a coach at 4 Seasons MMA and is currently studying jiu-jitsu under Eddie Bravo at 10th Planet HQ in Hollywood. Browning recently reported being one month sober; he currently resides in Lexington, Kentucky.

Net Worth

Junie Browning earned an impressive sum from appearing in various television projects and commercials, amassing over 135 followers on Twitter, while working as a motivational speaker in Lexington, Kentucky where he hails from.

He made his Bluegrass MMA Live debut with Bangtown Fightwear in 2014 and shared his story in episode 155. Additionally, he appeared on Eddie Bravo radio digital broadcast and temporarily assumed mentor responsibilities at 4 Seasons MMA alongside Michael O’Donnell as an individual coach.

In December 2011 in Thailand’s Phuket province, he was involved in an altercation that resulted in numerous gashes and an arm wound from which members of the Thai mafia threatened him with his life.

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