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The Journey of Justin Jedlica Net Worth

Justin Jedlica, better known by his nickname Human Ken Doll, has made waves around the globe through his modeling career and surgery consultancy business. This success story has amassed him an impressive net worth.

He is well-known for undergoing extensive cosmetic surgeries to mimic the iconic doll. These procedures include rhinoplasty, biceps implants, shoulder and triceps implants, chest implants, lip augmentations and cheek augmentations, as well as sub-pectoral implants.

Early Life and Education

Justin Jedlica was born August 11, 1980, in Poughkeepsie, New York to Evan Jedlica and Tanya Marsik and has one sister named Christina. While attending Apex High School he became passionate about visual and artistic performance and eventually pursued it professionally.

He began as a model before undertaking cosmetic procedures to alter his appearance, becoming well known for being known as the Human Ken Doll. Since then he has undergone over 190 cosmetic surgeries, such as rhinoplasty, chin implants, chest implants, buttock implants, shoulder and tricep implants plus facial augmentation procedures.

He is openly gay and married his partner, a businessman, after five years together in 2014. Their partnership has endured several trials and is an inspiration to others; the couple currently resides together at Trump Tower in Chicago.

Professional Career

Justin Jedlica is an American model renowned for his extensive use of cosmetic procedures. He is said to have spent over $1 Million on various surgeries such as rhinoplasty, brow lifts, pectoral, buttocks, shoulder, and triceps implants; appearing on reality television show Botched.

His intriguing appearance and remarkable journey have attracted widespread acclaim, making him a sought-after personality within modeling. Aside from modeling, he also runs a successful consulting business.

Regarding his personal life, he is gay and in a long-term relationship with Jayson McNaughton. Additionally, he is well known for dressing up in drag at clubs such as Legends Nightclub in Raleigh and performing. Furthermore, his company provides faux paint finishes for interior designers.

Achievement and Honors

Justin Jedlica has gained much media coverage due to his extensive cosmetic surgery transformations, likening himself to Ken doll. Based out of New York, this model has undergone over 150 operations to alter their appearance.

He has amassed wealth by working as a plastic surgeon, custom implants designer, and aesthetics consultant – spending close to one million dollars on cosmetic transformations alone!

Jedlica McNaughton and Jedlica Jedlica have both made outstanding contributions to their community. Through philanthropy efforts that have garnered widespread public support, their philanthropic endeavors have won them the admiration and gratitude of many members. Jedlica is in an intimate long-term relationship with Jayson McNaughton; frequently attending events together and showing off their enduring bond – it has even become the subject of much public discussion! Their nontraditional relationship has endured the test of time as it stands up.

Personal Life

Justin Jedlica has made himself an internet celebrity by cultivating a unique persona and venturing into various fields such as modeling and acting – appearing on television shows such as Botched. Additionally, he runs his own successful plastic surgery consultancy business.

His charitable work provides great motivation to his followers, while being honest about the challenges he has experienced has allowed him to build an audience. Furthermore, his collaboration with various influencers and brands has increased both his reach and impact.

Justin Jedlica and Jayson McNaughton have long been seen together, though some questions exist regarding his identity as his partner. However, the duo has enjoyed being together and their union has endured over many years.

Net Worth

Justin Jedlica, better known by his nickname the Human Ken Doll, has earned worldwide renown for his extensive plastic surgery transformations. He takes an innovative approach to body contouring and cosmetic surgery by viewing it as an artistic form of personal customization. Justin’s modeling career and surgery consultancy business have greatly increased his wealth.

He boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $5 Million and is openly gay, having had an ongoing relationship with Jayson McNaughton for many years.

He is an established social media influencer with an enormous fan base, possessing both YouTube and Twitter accounts for active engagement. Furthermore, he has appeared in multiple television series as a body shaper with unique approaches to body shaping that provide motivation for people looking for plastic surgeries.

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