David Jolly Net Worth 2023

David Jolly is an esteemed Florida attorney reputed to possess an estimated net worth of around one million dollars, due to both his legal career and investments that have contributed to his wealth accumulation.

Since 2014, he has served Florida’s 13th congressional district as its representative, winning it through a special election held after a court invalidated an earlier redistricting plan.

Early Life and Education

Jolly graduated with his undergraduate degree from Emory University in 1994 and went on to obtain his law degree at George Mason University School of Law a year later in 2001. Prior to becoming a lobbyist at Van Scoyoc Associates, he served as staff member of US Representative Bill Young from 1995 – 2006.

He won a special election to succeed Bill Young in Florida’s 13th congressional district and was later reelected. Known for being bipartisan and an active commentator on cable news outlets such as CNN and MSNBC, he quickly rose through the ranks to become elected official.

Jolly has become increasingly critical of President Donald Trump and has alienated himself from many within his former party. Jolly is considering challenging Trump as an independent candidate in 2020 presidential elections.

Professional Career

David Jolly is an attorney and lobbyist with decades of experience in politics. He is well known for his political commentary on MSNBC television network; likely attributing much of his wealth to lobbying work as well as smart investments.

Jolly first came to prominence when he won a special election to replace retiring Republican Representative Bill Young in 2014. He served one term before losing out to Democratic Rep. Alex Sink and Libertarian Lucas Overby in 2016.

Since leaving office, Jolly has become a regular contributor on MSNBC cable news channel and an outspoken critic of President Trump. Additionally, he established his own lobbying firm in Clearwater; likely his income from this venture will increase with time as it flourishes.

Achievement and Honors

Jolly served Florida’s 13th congressional district as an incumbent Republican congressman before winning election in a special election that served as a bellwether for national midterm elections and featured significant campaign spending levels.

After leaving Congress, Jolly founded Three Bridges Advisors lobbying firm and earned six-figure salaries while investing in real estate and other assets.

As part of his career, Jolly has won multiple awards and accolades – among them was receiving the Citizen Leadership Award from the International Economic Development Council. Additionally, he and Laura currently reside in Belleair Bluffs Florida while his personal life remains private.

Personal Life

Jolly has amassed an estimated net worth estimated at more than $20 Million through his legal career and lobbyist activities, investment portfolio, philanthropy efforts and more.

Jolly served Florida’s 13th congressional district from 2014-2017 as an elected Republican U.S. Representative from Pinellas County. Electing him via special election victory over Democrats Alex Sink and Lucas Overby proved decisive.

Jolly prefers an inconspicuous life with his family. In Melbourne he maintains his collection of contemporary art as well as his studio. His paintings reflect this role of witness and traveller while often exploring intersections between natural and urban landscapes.

Net Worth

Jolly has amassed significant wealth throughout his career as a politician, lawyer, and lobbyist. Additionally, his wise investments have increased his wealth while his charitable activities provide another source of income.

Jolly is married to Laura Donahoe and they share one daughter together. They reside in Belleair Bluffs, Florida. Additionally, he is actively engaged in community affairs by volunteering his services with various organizations like Habitat for Humanity in Pinellas County as well as American Red Cross.

He is also part of the Republican Main Street Partnership, an organization made up of moderate Republicans in the House that seeks to make federal government more open and responsive to voters while adhering to limited government and free markets.

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