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Two Teenagers Convicted of Murdering Katricia Daniels and Her 10-Year-Old Son

Two Minneapolis teenagers have been found guilty of killing Katricia Daniels and her 10-year-old son, who both perished after being assaulted with knives and having their television screen broken over their heads. Stafon Edward Thompson (aged 17) and Brian Lee Flowers (16) from Minneapolis both face life sentences for this heinous crime.

The medical examiner testified that both teens had sustained 193 sharp-force injuries prior to being murdered, as determined by experts who discovered rubber gloves and black cloth gloves with their DNA inside.

Early Life and Education

Two Minneapolis teenagers were charged Tuesday in the brutal killing of 36-year-old Katricia Daniels and her 10-year-old son Robert Shepard who were found stabbed, beaten, and with their television screens smashed over their heads. Stafon Edward Thompson, 17, and Brian Lee Flowers, 16, could face life sentences without parole if found guilty of first-degree murder charges in their deaths.

Prosecutors allege that two individuals attacked Daniels and Shepard with intent to steal money or her car before killing them when done, according to police statements given. Each party involved blamed each other in their statements to authorities, according to prosecutors.

Family members of the victims wept as they heard the verdicts read aloud and during victim-impact statements, while flowers wept during proceedings and Thompson’s mother sobbed as her son was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Professional Career

She should have sought justice on behalf of victims and her community; instead, her judgment and leadership have come under question over time, while loyalty towards former clients remains questionable.

KARE 11 News recently obtained a memo that revealed County Attorney Moriarty to be embroiled in a conflict of interest involving Brian Flowers’ case, whom Moriarty assisted when he was juvenile.

Stafon Edward Thompson and Brian Lee Flowers, both 17 from Minneapolis, have been found guilty of first-degree premeditated murder for their roles in killing Katricia Daniels and Robert Shepard (age 10). It was charged that they broke into Daniels’ South Minneapolis home before stabbing Daniels over 100 times while smashing a television over her head before fleeing.

Personal Life

On June 12th 2008, Katricia Daniels and Robert Shepard’s bodies were discovered at their Minneapolis apartment. There was evidence of significant amounts of blood spatter on various walls as well as footprints that had been traced in blood as well as an unusable tube television set.

Crime scene was chaotic: her son lay lifeless on the bathroom floor while her body lay in an adjoining bedroom with both of its jugular veins severed; 193 times had been used in stabbing her to death.

Police investigators consulted Tiffany Simmons, who stated she knew both Thompson and Flowers well and let them stay at her house that night since they needed somewhere to rest their heads. She claimed she saw them leave at 10 pm before picking them up later at E.J.’s place that same evening.

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