What is a good friend to you

What is a good friend to you

Wolfgang Krüger: A good friend is someone you can absolutely trust, whom you can tell as much as possible, including about fears, weaknesses and embarrassing situations. If you are in any crisis and need support – the friends that are left are the right friends.

What do i do with my best friend

10 things you should definitely have done with your best friend Go on a trip into nature – hiking, rowing, or riding a bike … Just gaming or watching films for a whole evening. Attend a live concert.

What are the best friends doing?

THESE things only really good friends do # Friends take you for who you are. Unlike with your partner, you don’t have to constantly watch what you say or whether you look good. #You share the same sense of humor. #You cover a number of kilometers. # Rescue in the last emergency. #They listen. #True friendship outlasts time. #You are honest.

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