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Ladyva – Swiss Boogie Woogie Pianist

Ladyva is an internationally acclaimed boogie woogie pianist known for her unique style. She has performed all over the globe and won multiple accolades for her musical prowess.

She has also been invited to perform at numerous Boogie Woogie Festivals worldwide and appeared on various Swiss TV programs such as Heitere Festival Zofingen, ZDF Fernsehgarten and Glanz und Gloria.

Early Life and Education

Ladyva began playing the piano at age 14, inspired by legendary boogie-woogie masters such as Duke Ellington. As soon as she began performing live, her career quickly took off – she soon found herself appearing on various Swiss television programs such as Heitere Zofingen Festival, ZDF Fernsehgarten Glanz Gloria!

Ladyva was recently honored to win ‘Best Boogie Woogie Pianist’ at the highly coveted Boisdale Music Awards hosted by Jools Holland. Additionally, she shared the stage with Axel Zwingenberger, Ben Waters and stride pianist Neville Dickie – who all earned such accolades themselves!

Ladyva was recently invited to perform at Jerry Lee Lewis’ 80th Birthday/Farewell UK Tour shows in London and Glasgow, as well as RTE ONE (Ireland’s most watched television channel). All attendees found this highly memorable, as Ladyva gave an outstanding performance that left an indelible mark in everyone’s minds.

Professional Career

Ladyva, a Swiss boogie-woogie pianist who began playing piano at age 14, was inspired to pick up the instrument by music of famous masters of her genre. Since then, she has performed on a number of TV shows and festivals.

In 2015, she was invited to perform at Jerry Lee Lewis’ 80th Birthday/Farewell Tour in London and Glasgow; additionally, she made an appearance live on RTE ONE Ireland.

Ladyva has amassed many followers worldwide through her YouTube videos and shared her musical journey. One video went viral when Ladyva and Dr K performed in an impromptu performance at a train station together – captivating viewers with their stunning musical talent! Watch their performance now – it won’t disappoint you!

Achievement and Honors

Ladyva is an internationally acclaimed pianist who has appeared at concerts and recitals all around the world, as well as in YouTube music videos. Recently, she had the incredible opportunity of performing alongside famous British musician Jools Holland; these talented musicians shared an unforgettable performance together telepathically playing together for an unforgettable show!

Ladyva began playing piano at age 14, having been inspired by great masters of Boogie Woogie. Since then she has amassed an impressive list of achievements and honors, such as being nominated as Boogie Woogie Artist of the Year at Jools Holland’s Boisdale Music Awards.

Notable achievements also include guesting on the popular British television program Loose Women and performing live on RTE One in Ireland.

Personal Life

Ladyva is a well-recognized pianist in the world who has earned numerous awards and honors. She achieved this level of success thanks to her tireless contributions to humanity; helping many people across the world.

At 14 years old, she began playing piano inspired by the great masters of Boogie Woogie music. Two years later, she started performing live. Soon thereafter she made numerous television appearances such as Heitere Festival Zofingen, ZDF Fernsehgarten, Glanz und Gloria as well as many others in Switzerland.

She was then invited to perform at the Boisdale Music Awards hosted by Jools Holland alongside Axel Zwingenberger and Ben Waters – becoming an audience favourite! She made an impressionable mark at both performances.

Net Worth

Ladyva is an iconic figure across the world. Through hard work and dedication he has gained an excellent reputation that is unmatched. In recognition of this excellence he has won multiple awards. Additionally, his name is often synonymous with good deeds performed for others.

Ladyva began playing piano at 14 after becoming inspired by the masters of Boogie Woogie music. Two years later she started performing live and made her television debut, later performing at various boogie woogie festivals as well as many renowned clubs across Switzerland.

Ladyva’s net worth is estimated to exceed two million dollars; however, this estimate should only be seen as an estimation and may fluctuate over time.

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