Larry Lawton Net Worth

Larry Lawton has become an international icon. His strength and perseverance have inspired countless individuals around the world.

He was one of America’s leading jewel thieves before transitioning into YouTube Star and motivational speaker status.

Early Life and Education

Lawton experienced early exposure to the harsh realities of street life, leading him to make poor choices and eventually enter a life of crime. After spending 11 years in some of America’s toughest jails, he made the conscious decision to change his lifestyle and help others avoid falling into similar pitfalls. Through Reality Check program – using first-hand accounts from former criminals as teachers of responsibility to convey this message directly – Lawton now works towards helping young people avoid falling into crime in future.

He has appeared on national TV and radio programs and spoken at events across the country about jewelry store robberies, prison issues and other topics related to his experience. Additionally, he wrote a book detailing these experiences.

Achievement and Honors

Larry Lawton has earned widespread acclaim for his accomplishments across multiple fields. He has received honors from internationally-recognized universities and organizations for his contribution to humanity.

He has published two books, Gangster Redemption and The Reality Check Program. Additionally, his YouTube channel boasts over 1.3 million subscribers with motivational videos posted there regularly.

He is a former prisoner turned successful entrepreneur and public figure who has inspired thousands of young people around the world. As such, he stands as an example for others and has made an immense positive difference to society as a whole. With an open door policy for followers looking to reach him directly. Furthermore, he participates in numerous philanthropic initiatives to make lives better around him while being an outstanding role model himself – his success inspiring millions around the globe.

Professional Career

Lawrence Lawton is an American Ex-Convict, author, YouTube star and life influencer. Once one of America’s biggest jewel thieves, Lawrence now helps others make better choices and advocates for prison reform.

Born October 3rd 1961 in North Hempstead, New York. Joined the Coast Guard as a 17 year-old in August 1979 before being medically discharged due to back problems. Later relocated to Brooklyn where he began his career in organized crime as bookmaker/collector working bars across Queens and Brooklyn; quickly garnering the interest of other organized crime rings who saw him excelling as bookmaker/collector.

He has made several appearances on talk shows and radio stations to discuss his past experiences as a criminal as well as lessons he has learned from them. Additionally, he authored two books, Gangster Redemption and The Reality Check Program.

Personal Life

Larry Lawton is an ex-convict who is dedicated to helping young adults avoid repeating his mistakes that led him to prison. He offers advice and speaks at schools and organizations about decision-making and prison life in general.

He is also the author of Gangster Redemption, an autobiographical book detailing his life before and after imprisonment. Additionally, he founded charitable organizations.

Lawton was born October 3rd 1961. At present 62, he lives in New York, US. Although he currently has no children with his partner, they have shared parenting responsibilities since 2010. His mother Irene works as a licensed practical nurse while his father David works in sheet metal fabrication. Lawton considers himself Christian but does not publicly profess their religion; nevertheless he maintains a strong work ethic while taking risks for career growth.

Net Worth

Larry Lawton has made significant strides in his professional career and established himself as an influential social media personality and YouTube Star. With a massive fan base that regularly attends his motivational speeches, Lawton looks set for further goals and targets with every day that passes.

Lawton was born on 3rd October 1961 in North Hempstead, New York, United States to Irene Lawton who works as a registered nurse and David Lawton who works as a sheet metal worker. At first Lawton was known for being an aggressive jewel thief until being caught and imprisoned; eventually repenting and working on youth awareness campaigns to steer young people away from crime and prison life.

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