Led Zeppelin How The East Was Won Empress Valley

For a true Led Zeppelin fan, nothing can beat How the East Was Won. This triple-disc live set was released by Atlantic Records in 2003. It was released on compact disc in May 2003 and then on DVD-Audio in October 2003. In 2018, the album was released on Blu-Ray Audio. The disc includes live recordings from two 1972 California concerts, the L.A. Forum (Long Beach Arena) and the L.A. Forum (Long Beach Arena).

While Led Zeppelin have been criticised for their inconsistencies live performances, the evidence is minimal in How the East was Won. The most popular Zeppelin shows are actually from the later years when the band became less focused and more inconsistent. This show, however, is a standout, and a great send-off for a tour. Although Robert Plant’s voice is strained, it isn’t terrible. It’s just the weakest show on the tour. Jimmy Page is having a stellar night.

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