Lika Star Planetsuzy

Tinah Star Planetsuzy

You’ve come to right place if you want to learn more about Tinah star-planetsuzy. Here you will discover Her sexual appetite, solo performances, and HQ hard porn videos. You will be amazed at Her beautiful looks, sexy body and hot personality. Let’s get started !… and don’t forget bookmark this page to see more articles like these!

Her sexual appetite

The sexy Lika star has a sweet face and angelic body. She is also open to having sex with other people and has a great sexual outlook. The porn star first began performing in the spring of 2017 and has made 44 scenes. Her scenes are passionate, lusty, and include hardcore scenes and hot threesomes. This woman also likes to get creampies and facials.

Lika’s sex appetite for sex is impressive considering her profession as a model/creator of fan profiles. In her free time, she likes to travel to exotic places and shoot videos for her fan pages. She prefers to go to locations near the sea. Her sexy body is a sure sign of a sexual appetite, and her sexual videos are a great way to satisfy her appetite.

Her solo performances

Mostly featured in hardcore scenes, Lika star Planetsuzy has also made many solo performances. During her solo actions, Lika uses butt plugs and sex toys. She is a fan of hard cocks. This lesbian stud is an expert in lesbian sex. She can deliver a hot trio scene with ease. Lika has been performing under many different names since she began her porn career in spring 2017. She has made 44 scenes so far, including many sex scenes.

Lika enjoys creating fan profiles and video work when she isn’t rehearsing. She enjoys exploring exotic places. Lika prefers to film her videos with a view of the ocean, especially near the coast. Although she prefers solo performances, she also enjoys duo and group scenes, as well as those involving couples. Here’s how she works as a model.

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