Lil Troy Net Worth

Lil Troy Net Worth

Obviously, if you’re looking for an exact Lil Troy net worth, you won’t get it. There are too many factors that go into his income, including how many albums he sells, his clothing line, his age, and his relationship with other famous artists. The best way to get an accurate estimate of his net worth is to get a number from a credible source, such as Forbes.

Life of a hustler like Troy ends up as a dead end

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Music career

Despite having been involved in criminal activities before he became a rapper, Lil Troy has become a successful singer in the music industry. He has released three studio albums, all of which have been certified platinum by the RIAA. He has also made appearances in three movies. His net worth has increased significantly over the years.

Lil Troy was born in Houston, Texas on February 24, 1966. He was a drug dealer before becoming a professional rapper. After his release from prison in 1995, he joined hip hop group Mass 187. He was also the co-owner of a club in downtown Houston. He also founded his own record label, Short Stop Records, in the late 1980s.

He also worked in music production for various independent labels. He was later a staff producer at Liberty Records. He also worked in various studios and in other executive positions within music publishing.

Clothing line

Founded in 1988, Troy McMillan is a record label entrepreneur. He is a former drug dealer turned entrepreneur who branched out to form the short stop records label. He is now serving an 18-month prison sentence for using a communications device to commit a felony. He is also an entrepreneur in the real world, as a contractor for an industrial construction company in Houston.

He is also a member of the Mass 187 group, which was a pioneer in the rap industry. He is the man who invented the aforementioned clothing line in 2006. He has a pretty decent sized net worth. He has also been pardoned by President Trump.

While there are numerous hip hop clothing lines, one of the most successful is Trukfit. Their signature cartoons have become a trademark. They sell a variety of hoodies for a cool $30. They also have an e-commerce site, and two mall stores. They are on track to top $2.2 million in sales this year.

Relationship records

Whether you have a taste for rap or not, you may have heard of the Houston-born rapper Lil Troy. This 56-year-old has been a staple in the hip-hop scene since the early ’90s, and is one of the hottest artists in the game. He has appeared on numerous platinum-certified albums, and is a member of the Aspen Institute Henry Crown Fellows Program.

Troy Carter is a man of many hats, and has made a name for himself in the beverage industry as the founder of POPwater. He also sits on numerous boards, including The Grammy Foundation, T.J. Martell Foundation, and the United Nations Foundation’s Global Entrepreneurs Council. He is also a big name in the food and beverage industry, as his company’s POPwater is stocked at many of the world’s most renowned restaurants and bars.


Known by the stage name Lil’ Troy, Troy Lane Birklett was born on February 24, 1966. He was a rapper, songwriter, and owner of a trucking company. He was also a member of Mass 187. He grew up in Houston, Texas. He started Short Stop Records in 1987. He also released the album Sittin’ Fat Down South. This album was certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Troy Birklett’s career took off with the hit song “Wanna Be a Baller”. This track was written by E.S.G. and features Big T and Fat Pat. It peaked at number 6 on the US Billboard 200. The song also went gold. It was the first time a Houston artist had ever had a track chart on the US Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. It also marked the debut of Lil’ Troy, who became one of the hottest rappers in the country.

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