Lloyd Daniels Net Worth

Lloyd Daniels stood out among a city full of talented young players. As a shooting guard with an intuitive grasp for the game, Lloyd established himself as an intimidating opponent who earned respect from teammates and rivals alike.

He was named to Parade magazine’s all-American list and committed to UNLV under coach Jerry Tarkanian before an arrest in a cocaine sting put an abrupt halt on his plans.

Early Life and Education

Lloyd Daniels from Brooklyn stood 6’7″, weighed 185 pounds and was considered one of the country’s premier high school players and New York prep prospect since Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. However, due to a lack of maturity or taking responsibility for his actions he became addicted to drugs and basketball – his life became consumed with both.

He attracted a host of supporters and admirers due to both his talent and charisma; men who truly cared about him but were drawn in by his extraordinary skills and ability to get away with on-court misconduct. These admirers helped finance his basketball career – both the Canadian Basketball Association (CBA) and something called the GBA – as well as helping him evade jail after being arrested for drug possession in 1987 and shot three times three years later.

Professional Career

Lloyd Daniels was an NBA and other professional league basketball player before his career came to an end in 2006. Today he boasts an estimated net worth of $1 Million.

He attended four or five high schools across three states and could only read at a third-grade level when entering college. He initially attended UNLV so as to play for coach Jerry Tarkanian but was arrested on drug charges later and dropped out.

After 1992’s season concluded, he signed with the San Antonio Spurs. Subsequently, his career saw him bounce between more than a dozen professional teams stateside and abroad, none for long. Aubrey is his younger sister; she holds a doctorate degree in education and teaches at Rider University in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.

Achievement and Honors

Lloyd Daniels earned prominence during the mid- to late 80s in New York City for his exceptional shooting guard skills, often being compared with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Connie Hawkins as role models. “Sweet Pea” could combine passing ability with shooting skills for an outstanding game style that stood out.

Off the court, however, this gifted athlete struggled with drug addiction. His name appeared frequently in police blotters; in 1989 alone he was shot three times and lost six pints of blood before eventually enrolling at John Lucas’ drug clinic.

Today, Lloyd Daniels is 56 years old and boasts an illustrious acting career. He has appeared in over 80 film and TV projects while also writing plays for his theater company.

Personal Life

Lloyd Daniels appeared poised to become one of basketball’s greatest talents during the mid-1980s. A prodigiously gifted high school player compared with Karem Abdul-Jabbar’s, it seemed likely he would go on to enjoy an extensive and fruitful professional basketball career. But in reality he fell far short.

Unfortunately, his life off of the court wasn’t so positive. He developed numerous bad habits and underwent drug rehabilitation three times. However, he managed to continue playing basketball as part of two minor-league Continental Basketball Association teams – Topeka Sizzlers in Kansas and Waitemata from New Zealand.

Daniels endured several personal setbacks during his youth that made life harder than it needed to be, such as losing both parents to alcoholism and their subsequent deaths. Daniels struggled to recover and was left reeling under their weight of loss and dependency.

Net Worth

Lloyd Daniels estimated net worth is estimated to be in the region of $1 Million dollars, thanks to his stellar basketball career and subsequent wealth accumulation.

Lloyd Daniels was an iconic figure on New York City playgrounds during the 1980s. Nicknamed “Swee’pea,” this 6-foot-7 shooting guard was widely regarded as New York City’s finest basketball talent since Kareem Abdul-Jabbar or Connie Hawkins had made their marks.

Daniels had all of the tools for greatness as a player with his fast shot and quick feet, but drugs and alcohol prevented him from reaching his true potential. Instead, Daniels bounced between NCAA programs, minor pro leagues, and even the NBA; playing in GBA (where he won MVP award in one season), CBA, USBL as well as Greece with AEK Athens BC and Turkey with Galatasaray respectively.

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