How can I add an attachment to an email?

How can I add an attachment to an email?

To reply with an attached email, open Gmail on the computer; open the email. At the top right of the email, click Open in New Window. In the Inbox, select the email you want to attach. Drag the email into the message. Click Send at the bottom.

How do I get a picture in an email?

Search made easy, click the New Email Message button. Write your email as usual. Click with the mouse where you want to insert an image. Switch to the Insert tab. In the Illustrations area, click on Graphics. Find the file you want. More entries …

How do I add a picture to an email in Outlook?

Click in the message text. Then on the Insert menu, in the Illustrations group, choose one of the options. Pictures Navigate to the folder where the picture you want is saved, select the picture, then click Insert.

How do you give sources in the appendix?

Do I have to include sources in my attachment? A source must be given for all documents that you did not create yourself. This is then listed either in the bibliography of your bachelor thesis or in an extra bibliography at the end of the appendix.

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