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Loft bed with wardrobe combines safety and aesthetics in a modern design

Having children is not only a great joy, but also a new responsibility. Parents constantly strive to offer their little ones the best possible so that they grow happily and healthily. That is why furnishing a children’s room is always a challenge for parents. When choosing furniture and the overall room design, absolute safety and modern aesthetics are the highest priority. One tries to choose practical children’s room furniture that on the one hand offers good storage options and can also be used for a long time. The best pieces of furniture are those that grow together with the child and can be converted so that they can also be used in the design of the youth room. In modern furniture stores, but also online, you can find great variants that are tailored to the needs and age of the little ones and are characterized by high functionality and a modern design. One such piece of furniture is, for example, the loft bed with a cupboard. You will find out exactly what advantages it has right away!

The perfect combination of a modern loft bed with cupboard and an integrated desk in white and blue.

Hochbett mit Schrank mit integriertem Schreibtisch für Jungenkinderzimmer in Blau und Weiß

  • With every loft bed with cupboard, safety and functionality go hand in hand

We all have personal demands on the furnishing and design of the children’s room and hope to fulfill individual wishes in the process. The realm of the little ones should in any case be practically furnished and also ensure plenty of free space to play and run around. In addition, the cot must offer a lot of sleeping comfort and promote the personal development of the little ones. That is why furniture designers create intelligent design solutions that combine safety, functionality and modernity. A loft bed with a wardrobe is no exception in this regard. A little more – it confirms the rule that the furniture is designed to be practical for the little ones and has a modern design. If both aspects are taken into account, then we can talk about a successful furniture design that meets all current criteria.

A modern piece of furniture for the children’s room that grows together with the child.

Hochbeet mit Schrank modernes Design in Schwarz und Weiß mit Schreibtisch

For example, a loft bed with a wardrobe stands out primarily because of its design. It combines a loft bed, which ensures the little ones sleep comfortably, and a practical closet where you can store children’s clothes, bed linen and even toys. A staircase is a must there as it allows you to climb up and down. In many models, additional drawers are integrated there to increase the storage space in the children’s room. This means that other pieces of furniture, such as chests of drawers or sideboards, are lost and you save a lot of space in the room, which is used for playing.

Toys can be kept in drawers and on open shelves.

Hochbett mit Schrank Schreibtisch daneben Schubladen offene Regale zur Aufbewahrung von Spielsachen

The furniture designers have thought about the safety of the children, because this is the highest priority in the children’s room for all parents. A loft bed with a wardrobe has secure barriers that protect the child while sleeping and reduce the risk of falling to zero. These are not only mounted along the bed, but also attached to the stairs to make the ascent to the bed and, accordingly, the descent easy and safe. The sleeping area usually has the standard dimensions (80 cm X 200 cm) and offers a lot of sleeping comfort.

With all models, the safety of the little ones is the top priority.

Hochbett mit Schrank Modell in weiß und orange viele Schubladen gute Staumöglichkeiten

  • Other extras that belong to a modern loft bed with a wardrobe

Parents know this best – the kids are growing too fast! After a certain age, they don’t just want to sleep and play in the room. Schoolchildren definitely need a desk where they can read, study and write school assignments. But you don’t have to renovate the nursery right away when your child goes to first grade. In specialist shops there are also modern loft beds with a wardrobe and an integrated desk. These not only fit wonderfully into the room design of a child’s room, but are also designed for a youth room. In addition to good sleeping and storage options, such a piece of furniture gives the children the option of doing schoolwork and becoming independent. If you learn this early enough, you will definitely have great success in life.

An excellent model for a school age girl.

Hochbett mit Schrank schönes Design in Weiß und Violett für Mädchen in Schulalter

One of the extras and pluses of a loft bed with a wardrobe is its attractive design. The modern design is also combined with matching color schemes. For example, the high-gloss fronts of the cupboard radiate elegance and give the whole room a special charm. If, like thousands of other parents, you want to buy a loft bed with a cupboard for the children’s room in your own home, then you have to decide on a suitable color. The color palette of modern loft beds not only includes the classic colors white, gray, black and beige. There are also models with high-gloss fronts in blue, pink, violet, orange and turquoise, which add a friendly touch to the children’s room. According to the psychologists, these colors encourage the imagination and creativity of children and are particularly appealing to young and old.

You can find more information about the various models and purchase options of a modern loft bed with a wardrobe online. The Trendomat editorial team wishes you lots of fun and success in your search for this practical and space-saving piece of furniture!

If you are into the classic color duo of black and white and its numerous nuances.

Hochbett mit Schrank modernes Möbeldesign im klassischen Farbduo schwarz weiß gute Schlaf und Staumöglichkeiten

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