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Lupillo Rivera Height and Weight

Lupillo Rivera stands 5 feet 9 inches, exuding a well-proportioned physique and boasting an ideal weight of 78 kilograms.

His parents are Pedro Rivera Saavedra and Rosa Rivera. He is blessed with one sister named Jenni Rivera who is an acclaimed singer. Pedro Rivera Saavedra has been married twice; Maria Gorola was his first partner.

Early Life and Education

Rivera, born January 30th 1972 in La Barca, Jalisco Mexico inherited his musical legacy and has created a successful solo career over time. Through captivating performances which transcend cultural borders he has amassed an extensive fan base that embraces him with open arms.

At first, he wanted to become a restaurateur; however, once he discovered his talent for music he decided to pursue it full-time as his career choice. In 1990 he graduated from Long Beach Polytechnic High School and has several siblings including younger sister Jenni Rivera who is also a popular singer, and older brother Rosie Rivera who is a reality television star.

He married Mayeli Alonso in 2006 and they shared two children together – Lupita Karizma and L’Rey. Although their union wasn’t smooth sailing, they managed to remain together for 12 years before parting ways in 2019. Since then he is currently single.

Professional Career

Lupillo Rivera has earned himself an exceptional reputation within regional Mexican music for his talent and captivating stage presence, earning critical acclaim and amassing an enormous fan base for his performances. Additionally, he remains committed to his charitable causes such as education initiatives for youth empowerment or disaster relief efforts.

Jenni Rivera and Rosie Rivera, two well-known singers themselves, are his younger siblings. Born on January 30th 1972 in La Barca, Jalisco Mexico he graduated from Long Beach Polytechnic High School in 1990.

He shares two children with Maria Gorola: Guadalupe Karizma Rivera and L’Rey Rivera. Currently he is married to Giselle Soto.

Achievement and Honors

Guadalupe Rivera Saavedra, more popularly known by his stage name Lupillo Rivera, has enjoyed a successful musical career. His talent and captivating stage presence has won over audiences of various generations and nationalities.

He has earned numerous accolades, including Grammy nominations. In 2010, his album Tu Esclavo y Amo won him the prestigious Best Banda Album award from Latin Grammy. Additionally, he participated in TV Azteca’s La Voz as one of its coaches in its inaugural season.

Rivera finds great satisfaction in his personal life beyond music; Maria Hernandez owns and runs her own successful fashion label and participates in various philanthropic initiatives, adding depth and meaning to their relationship. They share a mutual passion for fashion as well as music events together frequently attending these together.

Personal Life

Lupillo Rivera continues to leave an indelible mark on regional Mexican music with his chart-topping albums and sold out concerts, his amazing vocals and captivating stage presence earning him an ever-growing fan base that spans generations and nationalities.

Rivera’s family migrated without documents to Long Beach, California when he was four. He graduated from Long Beach Polytechnic High School in 1990. Additionally, Jenni Rivera (his sister) is also an actress and singer.

Lupillo married Mayeli Alonso in 2006, giving them two children: Guadalupe Karizma Rivera and L’Rey Rivera. However, their marriage ended due to irreconcilable differences. Alonso later began dating Maria Hernandez of Mode Chic whose success as both an entrepreneur and humanitarian has greatly enhanced Lupillo’s life.

Net Worth

Lupillo Rivera has amassed an immense fortune through his successful music career. As one of Mexico’s premier regional musicians, he has garnered multiple awards and nominations over time. Additionally, Lupillo ventured into entrepreneurship with the launch of his own line of tequila as well as television appearances on popular reality shows.

Rivera has amassed his net worth through various business ventures and real estate investments, music sales and electrifying live performances that have further contributed to his wealth.

Rivera remains private about his personal life despite his considerable success and has never disclosed publicly his sexual orientation or that of his four children – daughters Angelica Marin and Karizma, as well as son L’Rey who all reside with their mother together in California, United States.

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