Cody Decker Net Worth

Cody Marshall Decker, a recently retired professional baseball player who made his mark before transitioning into media production and development. His versatile journey shows his versatile talents.

He has dabbled in various fields such as acting, backstage interviews and YouTube appearances. Additionally, he is married to Jenn Sterger, an accomplished sports journalist and social media influencer.

Early Life and Education

Cody Decker was born January 17th 1987 in Santa Monica, California. An outstanding baseball player in high school, he was selected in the 22nd round of 2009 MLB draft by San Diego Padres as part of a Jewish family including older brother Jesse and sister Jenifer.

He always managed to maintain an optimistic attitude during the difficult days of minor league baseball. When feeling low, he would open up one of Konstantin Stanislavsky’s books – an 18th century Russian actor and theater director who wrote plays such as Ivanov.

He met Jenn Sterger in 2014 and soon after they married. Jenn works as a backstage interviewer for All Elite Wrestling as well as modeling. She is known for having a great personality that enjoys making people smile and is adept at making people laugh.

Professional Career

Decker has a knack for the dramatic, which he has put to use across multiple spheres. He appeared as an actor in NBC espionage thriller State of Affairs as well as producing short films under his own banner. Furthermore, Decker is widely recognized for his humorous mischief-making pranks that have raised funds for deaf community initiatives and animal rescue groups.

After graduating from Santa Monica High School, Decker decided to follow his passion for baseball by joining UCLA Bruins’ squad. His adaptability as an athlete allowed him to excel as first baseman, third baseman and catcher – positions which helped Decker reach new levels of athletic success.

The Padres selected him in the 22nd round of the 2009 MLB Draft and started his professional career with Arizona League team. Over 11 seasons spent in minor league baseball he amassed 154 homers which highlighted his power hitting abilities.

Achievement and Honors

Decker has not only found success as a baseball player but has also established himself in media. Currently co-hosting “The Carton Show,” Decker is also beloved among audiences due to his engaging persona and captivating persona.

His journey from high school prowess to professional baseball career serves as an inspiring tale, encouraging others to pursue their passions and find fulfillment in them. Additionally, he has engaged in several notable pranks that benefitted charities.

Cody Decker has quickly earned wide acclaim for his unique and playful sense of humor, earning him widespread acclaim. Personally, he is married to Jenn Sterger – an international model and sports journalist living in Los Angeles; together they share one child, Brooklyn.

Personal Life

Though Decker may never reach the major leagues, he’s found ways to enjoy baseball despite falling short. While in the minors he pulled numerous pranks; one such stunt saw him convince a teammate with El Paso Chihuahuas AAA of believing he was deaf – an act which earned over 1.5 million views on YouTube!

Decker has pursued an acting career outside of baseball and earned his Screen Actors Guild card. He appeared in NBC espionage thriller State of Affairs as well as known for his charitable works with deaf children and animal rescue through various fundraising events. Decker currently is married to media personality Jenn Sterger.

Net Worth

Cody Decker is a professional baseball player renowned for his incredible home run hitting abilities. He made his MLB debut in September 2015 after an extensive minor league career which showcased his exceptional hitting prowess.

He has ventured into various realms, from television (he co-hosts The Carton Show alongside Craig Carton) to movies and short films (he even produces his own content!).

Jenn Sterger is a model and media personality who serves as backstage interviewer for All Elite Wrestling (AEW). They met via Twitter before getting married in Los Angeles later that same year. Jenn is supportive, hilarious and loves sports – making her an excellent wife for Cody Decker.

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