Luxury: American caravans with garage

American Caravans with Garage: comfortable camper trailers with space for two quads or ATVsAmerican caravans with a garage for quads and ATVs kill two birds with one stone, so to speak: As a motorsport enthusiast, you can practically transport your quad, bike or jet ski with them and live far more comfortably on the trip than it is possible in the converted van, which is used to transport the motorized toys and is crammed with the associated spare parts and half a workshop.

American caravans with garage: comfortable transport and luxurious living

American caravans with garage: luxurious livingThis reduced existence has now come to an end. HeartBeat unlimited imports American caravans with garages for quads, motorcycles and jet skis: haulers with a robust design and all amenities.
Loading is child’s play thanks to a large ramp. Valuable cargo can be professionally secured using fastening eyelets in the floor. There is plenty of space and storage space for the necessary spare parts and tools. American caravans with garage: space for the workshopThe most diverse sizes and floor plans are available and can be loaded with up to 6 enduro bikes or 2 quads, depending on your choice and slickness.

Life on four wheels

In some models, extendable slides enlarge the already generously proportioned interior. Up to 6 people can be comfortably accommodated, and in addition to the appropriate towing vehicle, an E to B driving license is sufficient to chauffeur this home on four wheels to the desired destination.
American caravans with a garage: stylish ambience for the program after the SandmanIn addition, American caravans with garage already offer a lavish basic equipment. The trailers and haulers, which HeartBeat Unlimited imports directly from the USA, are equipped with air conditioning and heating, which can all be regulated automatically via a thermostat. A free-standing shower and toilet paired with large fresh, dirt and waste water tanks leave nothing to be desired. The kitchenette is excellently equipped with gas hobs, a microwave and a large-volume refrigerator including a freezer compartment. American caravans with garage: extendable living space enlargementFly screens prevent insects from entering. An electric awning and an outdoor shower with hot and cold water are also available.
A generator, fuel station and an entertainment package are optionally available. The interior can be selected from three different upholstery and two different wood variations. American caravans with garage: kitchen with gas stove, microwave and large refrigeratorFor clubs or companies, Carina Pinkwart’s team attaches the associated logo and advertising inscriptions or supplies the entire trailer as a special option in elegant black-brown tones.


In terms of cost, American mobile homes with garages beat garage homes American caravan with garage: mobile luxury apartment with adequate storage space for two quad bikes or ATVson four wheels depending on the size, equipment and conversions with up to 55,000 euros. But as a caravan, they are hardly worth mentioning in terms of insurance and maintenance. The MXT 184 and MXT 302 are currently available as exhibits in Austria for inspection and with a generous discount. If you want a special solution, you have to allow for a corresponding waiting time when ordering and converting. x

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