Marion Henry

Marion Henry

Marion Henry is an extremely qualified pediatric surgeon who offers care to children suffering from various ailments. She strives to maximize resources and systems to provide superior surgical care to pediatric patients.

Passionately committed to eliminating gun violence and healthcare disparities, she views these as issues that all individuals can help address. Furthermore, she serves as both mentor and medical educator.

Early Life and Education

Marion Henry was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and moved with her family to DeSoto when she was young. Raised with strong work ethics and moral standards, Marion became known by friends and family alike as “Mim” for her special affinity with music.

She is a staunch supporter of children’s health and works towards optimizing resources and systems to deliver superior surgical care in pediatric patients. Additionally, she possesses extensive training in minimally invasive surgical techniques, which involve smaller incisions with faster recovery times.

This year, she will be awarded with the Transformation Leadership Award at APOGEE: Defying Gravity on November 17th 2022. If you would like to support her efforts financially, donations can be made online or directly sent via check.

Professional Career

Henry has dedicated over two decades of his professional life to keeping Marion City Hall’s various departments online and running smoothly and safely, including networking laptops in officers squad cars for easier access to information in the field, creating the first mobile application and developing GPS mapping system to locate gravesites at Arlington Cemetery – for which he received national recognition by Arlington Cemetery itself and was recognized with their 2022 Transformation Leadership Award from Marion Chamber of Commerce.

Consider providing him with a financial gift as an investment in his future. Part of the money will cover event costs; while another portion will go directly into his bank account. Thank you so much for supporting our community!

Achievement and Honors

Marion Henry is well known as both a successful businessperson and philanthropist, giving back to the community through charitable initiatives like his Marion and Henry Bloch Family Foundation which funds education in postsecondary business management, leadership development programs, social services, healthcare, visual/performing arts as well as Jewish organizations.

At various points during his career, Coach Smith earned many accolades including Salem High School Coach of the Year honors and qualifying for state playoffs 33 consecutive years – even earning membership into the National Football League Hall of Fame! Coaching at four different schools including Sparta, Flora Carterville Marion was rewarding; winning numerous coaching championships each time.

Personal Life

Marion Henry is an advocate for pediatric surgery, working towards optimizing resources and systems. She firmly believes in the need to address all factors which contribute to pediatric trauma incidents that occur far too frequently.

She is also an experienced mentor and medical educator, serving on several national committees that address healthcare-related issues such as gun violence and healthcare disparities.

She enjoyed reading, counted cross stitching and quilting as hobbies outside of professional work, being very proud of her Norwegian heritage and regularly organizing family reunions. Luckily she leaves behind sons Terry and David as well as grandchildren Sandy, Joanna Clayton Laurin Thressa who will miss her dearly.

Net Worth

Henry has amassed tremendous wealth through hard work. A multiple Olympic gold medalist in freestyle wrestling, as well as competing in mixed martial arts (MMA), his success has amassed him an estimated total net worth of $2 Million.

Henry made his MMA debut against Dustin Kimura and won. Since then he had gone undefeated until April 2016 when he faced Demetrious Johnson for a shot at the Flyweight title – winning but losing in the first round; an important lesson learned for any rising star.

He is an active philanthropist who actively gives back to various charities and causes. His major efforts include supporting youth education, postsecondary business education, healthcare services, social services as well as visual and performing arts programs.

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