Marion Ross Net Worth

Marion Ross is one of America’s best-loved actresses. Her iconic role as Marion Fonzerelli in Happy Days cemented her status in popular culture.

She went on to appear in other television shows and movies; acting was the primary source of income.

Ross has also made her mark in real estate investment. She owns property in Woodland Hills, California called Happy Days Farm which she refers to as her happy place.

Early Life and Education

Marion Ross has amassed an astounding net worth of $10 Million through her prolific acting career. Her iconic portrayal of Marion Cunningham on Happy Days for 11 seasons cemented her place as an icon and role model among young aspiring actors, while she has also appeared in various films and TV series such as Drew Carey Show, That ’70s Show, Gilmore Girls Nurse Jackie and Grey’s Anatomy.

At age 13, Marion changed to Marion Ross to prepare herself for future fame, before studying drama at MacPhail Center for Music in Minneapolis for her junior year of high school. Along with acting, Marion also voice-acted extensively – playing Grandma SquarePants on Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants as well as Mrs. Lopart on Handy Manny; guest staring roles included The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries, Wild Thornberrys, Generator Rex and King of the Hill among many others.

Professional Career

Marion Ross is a renowned American actress who has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry through her captivating performances in both film and television. This iconic actress has gained immense acclaim for her talent and versatility as an actress as well as voice actor – as evidenced by numerous nominations for various prestigious awards throughout her distinguished career.

She has appeared in several prominent films, television shows, and theater productions including Forever Female, The Glenn Miller Story, Sabrina, Lust for Life Teacher’s Pet Some Came Running Honky as Gertrude Berg’s daughter in Mrs G Goes to College as well as a mail order bride role in Rawhide.

Her recent roles include those in 2007’s Music Within, 2008’s Superhero Movie and 2009’s ‘The New Adventures of Old Christine. Nurse Jackie (2013) Grey’s Anatomy (2014) and That ’70s Show (2015) to name just a few. In addition, she is known for providing voice-over work for popular animated series such as King of the Hill and Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Achievement and Honors

Marion Ross has made herself one of America’s premier TV actresses through hard work and has become one of its best-known. She has won awards for her roles on several shows and amassed an impressive net worth.

She is best-known for her iconic role as Marian Cunningham on Happy Days and also makes regular appearances on other programs, including The Drew Carey Show, That ’70s Show and Gilmore Girls.

She earned two Primetime Emmy nominations for her roles on Happy Days and raised two children: Jim Meskimen and Ellen Plummer Kreamer who both work in entertainment. She currently resides in Cardiff by the Sea in San Diego County California at her house known as ‘Happy Days Home’ where she practices vegetarianism while leading an active and healthy lifestyle.

Personal Life

Marion Ross has built herself an outstanding career as one of the premier TV actresses today, both creatively and financially. Her passion for her craft has brought great success – both creatively and financially – while she also works as a voice actor, which adds another source of income.

She first came to prominence as Marion Cunningham on Happy Days, which rode on the success of American Graffiti as a blockbuster film. Later she would go on to star in other television shows like Life with Father and Brooklyn Bridge.

She is married to actor Freeman Meskimen and shares two adult children – Jim Meskimen and Ellen Kreamer – whom she raised with him. Currently living in Cardiff by the Sea in Los Angeles County, California U.S.; in 1980 her country-style home called Happy Days Farm cost approximately $285,000 which today would equate to approximately $700,000.

Net Worth

Marion Ross became one of the most recognized faces from Happy Days from 1974-1984. Since then, she has appeared in countless TV shows and movies, showcasing both drama and comedy with great skill – earning her admirers around the globe.

Ross has not only played recurring roles on TV shows but has also contributed her voiceover talents for various projects. She made many appearances as Mrs. Cunningham in classic sitcom Cheers as well as portraying mail-order bride roles on The Love Boat and Brooklyn Bridge.

Ross married actor Freeman Meskimen in 1951, and has two children: Jim Meskimen and Ellen Kreamer. Ross currently resides in Woodland Hills, California but owns property near San Diego in Cardiff by the Sea.

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