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Mark Kelly is a retired United States Navy combat veteran, test pilot, and NASA astronaut who received the Defense Superior Service Medal, Legion of Merit award and two Distinguished Flying Crosses as tribute.

Scott Kelly is his identical twin brother; while one remained on Earth while the other entered space. This pair are being studied closely by scientists for their unique perspectives on long-duration space travel.

Early Life and Education

Kelly hails from West Orange, New Jersey and graduated with honors from the United States Merchant Marine Academy. After serving in various roles at USNA including captaining four space missions before becoming an Arizona senator.

NASA selected him and his identical twin brother Scott as astronauts in 1996, with Scott flying four times before commanding Endeavour twice on its missions.

These twins were involved in an extraordinary NASA study from 2015-16, spending almost 340 days together in space to better understand its effects. Reportedly, their mother found it hard to tell them apart; to help distinguish one from another she even drew a mustache on one. Furthermore, Mark is currently serving on both Senate Armed Services Committee and Airland subcommittee.

Professional Career

Mark Kelly hails from West Orange, New Jersey and currently serves both as a U.S. Navy combat pilot and NASA astronaut. With more than 2,000 flight hours under his belt and over 375 carrier landings to his credit, Kelly graduated from both United States Merchant Marine Academy and Naval Postgraduate School and holds both degrees.

He has spent 50 days in space as part of the American crew onboard the International Space Station. His reputation among his colleagues as an excellent worker and communicator stands him in good stead.

As Arizonan’s Senate representative, he has done his utmost to advocate on their behalf. He champions the Community Navigator Program to aid small businesses navigating COVID-19 pandemic; furthermore he is dedicated to policies which guarantee Arizonans access to affordable healthcare, competitive wages and job security.

Achievement and Honors

Kelly spent over 50 days in space and covered over 20 million miles during his time as an astronaut, joining NASA’s astronaut program with twin brother Scott in 1996 and participating in four space shuttle missions.

He led the STS-134 mission which successfully delivered the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer to the International Space Station for scientific study of antimatter, dark matter and cosmic rays within our universe.

Mark Giffords and Gabby Giffords have been married since 2007. Together, the pair has undertaken numerous projects together; they are influential figures in politics, advocating on numerous issues; they even operate an organic farm together in Amado, Arizona.

Personal Life

At 5′ 8″, Kelly holds the distinction of being the shortest individual ever to have visited space, yet his achievements do not stop there. Additionally, he’s an accomplished naval aviator with over 4,500 flight hours under his belt and over 375 carrier landings under his belt.

Kelly conducted many experiments that would benefit Earth and its inhabitants during his time in space, including the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer to examine antimatter and dark matter.

Kelly experienced significant physical changes while in space, such as his spine expanding due to lack of gravity and him returning nearly two inches taller. After retiring from NASA and serving Arizona as senator, he married Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and they have two children together.

Net Worth

Kelly has an estimated net worth of $20 Million and holds multiple credentials such as being a retired astronaut, U.S. Navy captain, businessperson, politician (currently serving as junior United States senator from Arizona since 2020) and author. He has written multiple books.

He holds an impressive collection of awards and honors, such as the Defense Superior Service Medal, Legion of Merit, two Distinguished Flying Crosses and multiple Air Medals. Additionally, he has amassed more than 5,000 flight hours across multiple aircraft carriers.

Kelly Ripa and Kelly together own and run Milojo Productions, an award-winning production company. Additionally, they own multiple luxury homes as well as an Aventador Lamborghini worth an estimated $1 Million and ski homes in both Telluride Colorado and Hamptons New York; along with numerous stocks and investment funds.

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