Mefo Sport: Brake and clutch levers from ASV

Mefo Sport: Brake and clutch levers from ASV

ASV: unbreakable brake and clutch levers now at Mefo Sport
The tire and parts wholesaler in Röthlein now has the clutch and brake levers from the American manufacturer ASV in its range…

Thanks to a special technique, they fold down in the event of a fall, preventing the levers from breaking or bending. They are made of high-quality 6061 aluminum and are available in red, blue, black and silver anodised finishes and they fit most common vehicle types. In addition, the grips have a sealed joint and a quick adjustment, with which they can be individually adjusted to the hand size of the driver. Depending on the version (with forged or CNC-milled levers), the manufacturer gives a guarantee of between one and five years if they break, a set costs between 95 and 238 euros.

Contact: [Mefo Sport]

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