Merlin Adams

Merlin Adams Passes Away on November 19, 2019

Merlin Lewis Adams passed away peacefully on November 19, 2019. We mourn his passing.

Studies have demonstrated that Merlin transcripts are reduced in tumors with NF2 mutations but not in those without [52, 53]. Merlin has been found to sequester EGFR and block downstream signaling within schwannomatomas [53, 54].

Early Life and Education

Merlin was an active member of Griswold Central Church of Christ and served as a trustee in Pilot Grove Township. Additionally, he drove for Adams Farms as well as fishing and collecting belt buckles – his passions.

Bat Conservation International was created during a time when bats were considered one of the least popular species by national public opinion polls and conservation organizations tended to avoid them altogether as unpopular species. He pioneered an innovative “Like them or Not, They Are Essential” approach which vastly increased BCI’s impact and helped increase bat conservation success rates.

He found his ideal job combining his love of the outdoors, mountains and animals through Sunn Classic Pictures’ wild animal training service in Kamas, Utah. There, he took care of feeding and training mountain lions, bears, wolves, otters and other animals before wildlife photography photography assignments were assigned him as well.

Professional Career

As a professional librarian, Merlin worked at both Hillsborough County and Orange County public libraries in California. He pioneered an innovative READ (Reading Achieves Destiny) program to improve adult literacy, earning him recognition with an award.

John has also worked as a consultant on library automation projects for both private companies and governments, serving both as an adviser for private firms as well as government institutions. He has lectured widely at nine leading institutions globally; published resource articles about energy, WNS and more; recently completed a 4,000-word invited manuscript about exaggerated claims regarding bat diseases that is under review;

He established BCI during an era when bats were considered dangerous by public opinion polls and traditional conservation organizations, who rejected them outright as unattractive creatures. He navigated his organization from pennilessness to its present multimillion-dollar headquarters with 17 employees and 12,000 members across 55 countries – taking nearly 14 years from conception.

Achievement and Honors

Adams encountered cabin pressure problems while on a proficiency flight and experienced his pressure suit to inflate, forcing him back to Edwards without altitude, velocity or climb-rate data.

After successfully reentering the atmosphere and landing the jet safely, he completed six atmospheric flights.

Merlin delivered numerous presentations at bat conservation groups and other organizations, most notably at the 2017 Joint Meeting of Mammalogists and Cave Biologists of Brazil.

A memorial to merlin Adams was unveiled in Lancaster in 2017. The event was organized by Eagle Scout candidate John Bodylski from Civil Air Patrol Squadron 68 and aerospace historian Greg Frazier as his Eagle Scout leadership project.

Personal Life

Merlin is an accomplished entrepreneur who has founded several successful businesses, such as cold storage, beverage, mold fabrication and bat conservation initiatives. He has long advocated for these causes.

In 2014, Dr. Kok contributed to scientific literature with several notable articles in international journals and book chapters (Bat Evolution, Ecology and Conservation by RA Adams and SC Pedersen is one such text), an invited manuscript on exaggerated claims of disease among bats which will be published as an op-ed piece, thousands of new bat photos to the MTBC collection as well as overseeing staff to scan additional tens of thousands more slides for digital storage.

John Joseph Merlin straddled the lines between private luxury and public display, French influence and imperial commerce, art and engineering; and was the embodiment of Fanny Burney’s depictions of showman-artist-craftsman-engineers as depicted in her Diaries and Evelina.

Net Worth

According to some reports, he earned more than $2 Million annually. His large following on TikTok helps him secure various brand promotions and shout-out offers.

At age three, he first began modeling for a fast food chain advertisement. Encouraged by his mother, he soon found himself entering show business – eventually landing roles like Rudy Huxtable’s boyfriend Stanley on The Cosby Show and Marcus Dixon in Under One Roof.

Sam Neill is an award-winning Irish actor and director who is worth $20 Million. He has made several successful films such as Jurassic Park, The Piano, and Daybreakers; furthermore he holds an educational background and practices Christianity.

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