Michael Gaughan

Michael Gaughan is a Nevada businessman who owns South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa as well as South Point Racing NASCAR team – Brendan Gaughan raced with this team until its dissolution in 2007.

Mike is a partner at Brown Advisory and manages multi-asset class portfolios on behalf of private clients, endowments, and foundations. He possesses expertise in proforma modeling, financial analysis, project development, and pro forma modeling.

Early Life and Education

Gaughan was raised in a family with strong values and an excellent work ethic, and has traveled far to get where he is today; thanks to his hard work and efforts he has gained worldwide recognition.

He is best known for founding Coast Casinos and his work to bring the National Finals Rodeo to Las Vegas, but also has an extensive background in environmental matters having dealt with Johns Manville asbestos crisis, products liability lawsuits, community outreach programs for US Army and Shell as well as public affairs campaigns for both.

MIKE, with his fluid baritone flow and dreamlike self-produced beats, is pushing rap in experimental directions. He has collaborated with Earl Sweatshirt as well as reaching a wider audience through his 2019 and 2020 albums Tears of Joy and Weight of the World respectively.

Professional Career

Gaughan has over 22 years of teaching experience. He specializes in watercolor painting, performance art and sculpture instruction as well as mixed media works and commercial artwork.

From off-road trucks to pavement stock cars in the late 1990s, he raced full time for South Point Racing (his father’s team) during 2009 and 2010, before competing part-time for RCR between 2014 and 2017.

He has written numerous articles, such as “Multiplex career trajectories of federally supported scientists” and “Gender mainstreaming and permeable definitions of scientific careers”. Currently an adjunct professor at Buffalo State College, he has taught kindergarten, elementary school, middle school and high school classes as well as adult continuing education classes and is also a consultant on community and economic development issues.

Achievement and Honors

Gaughan has established himself as a remarkable performer and supporter of Scottish independence, playing an instrumental role in founding Edinburgh Folk Centre and his music reflecting his deep interest in Scotland’s cultural history.

He released his self-titled LP in 1972, then joined the Boys of the Lough for one year before returning to solo work with 1976’s Kist o Gold album. Following another brief time away from recording studio work he formed electric folk band Five Hand Reel and released instrumental albums Coppers and Brass as well as Gaughan in 1977 and 1978 respectively.

Through the 80s, Gaughan contributed articles and reviews to Folk Review magazine and performed with 7:84 theatre company; additionally he recorded an album of folk-influenced free improvisation with Irish troubadour Andy Irvine.

Personal Life

Gaughan quickly established himself in the late ’70s when he began contributing articles to Folk Review magazine and joining 7:84 theatre group, as well as recording more frequently and releasing two eponymous albums (1977’s Coppers & Brass and 1978’s Gaughan).

His passion for orchestral composition resulted in two concerts for Celtic Connections festival that he led as conductor: Timewaves (Lovesong to a People’s Music) in 2004 and Treaty 300 in 2007.

Gaughan, an esteemed family man and prominent Las Vegas business leader, is widely revered for his generosity and kindness. A major donor to numerous charitable causes in Las Vegas area, he even intervened to end a feud between basketball rivals Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell! Additionally, Gaughan is blessed with two daughters and one son working in his casino as a sports booker.

Net Worth

A person’s net worth is calculated as the value of all their assets minus all liabilities, such as cash, retirement accounts, investment accounts, cars and real estate – but does not include debt like credit card balances and mortgage loans.

Gaughan amassed his fortune through his various business endeavors, most notably as an established casino owner in Las Vegas, Nevada. Additionally, he is best known as being the father of NASCAR driver Brendan Gaughan.

Entrepreneur and racer Brian Gaughan has amassed an estimated net worth of $200 Million. Throughout his professional life, Gaughan has amassed many achievements – winning several times at Crandon International Off-Road Raceway among them – as well as becoming one of the country’s most successful CEOs. Additionally, Gaughan has distinguished himself both professionally and charitablely in addition to making headlines through business endeavors.

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