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RealNex Navigator Agent Profile – Josh Marcell

Josh Marcell, EVP Tenant Representation for Moody Rambin Real Estate Brokerage, describes all the ways RealNex Navigator has helped his business flourish – specifically increased client service, marketing campaign analysis and agent productivity.

After pleading guilty to assaulting a woman at his home and place of business, an ex-owner of a Windsor heating fuel distributor was given 18 years in jail by a judge due to factors including his background and medical history.

Early Life and Education

Josh is a major recurring character on The Originals who first made an appearance during season 2 before becoming a mainstay during season 5. Turned by either Marcel Gerard or someone in his sireline into a vampire, Josh finds adjusting to life under their tutelage challenging and is trying his hardest to fit in as part of the group.

Josh meets Aiden, one of Finn Mikaelson’s wolves. They quickly develop feelings for each other but when Dahlia kills Aiden Josh is left devastated; still he continues to support Marcel’s army despite this setback.

Josh later meets Aiden again in the afterlife and they become close. In time, Josh also develops more self-assurance as he adjusts to life as a vampire – even asking Davina for permission to rid himself of Klaus’ compulsion in order to prove his dedication and prove himself faithful.

Professional Career

Josh Marcell brings over 10 years of real estate experience, specializing in office and industrial representation, corporate strategic planning, site selection and financial modeling for national accounts such as 140,000 square foot disposition accounts for major banks as well as 140 property portfolios managed for them.

He is both a tBL Marketplace Partner and blogs for Moody Rambin. In his blog posts for Moody Rambin, Josh discusses how CRE Technology Solutions can increase efficiency and profitability, and gives an inside look into his company’s unique business model that sets them apart. Josh also enjoys playing tabletop RPGs in his spare time.

Achievement and Honors

Joshua Marcell is an American actor and musician best known for his role as Geoffrey Butler on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air television show. Over 40 television and film roles followed before co-starring in an independent movie called Paint It White as well.

He earned three-year letterman status at James Madison University (JMU) as both a linebacker and tight end. As part of that role, he earned first team all-district and honorable mention all-region honors as both linebacker and tight end, finishing his career with 115 tackles, 15 sacks, 14 deflected passes and four forced fumbles – not bad considering they finished as first-year lettermen!

Marcell currently serves as Moody Rambin’s Vice President of Tenant Representation, overseeing office and industrial tenant representation services. His expertise includes strategic planning, site selection, financial modeling and cost and occupancy studies as well as acquisition/disposition of office/industrial assets as well as national account/corporate portfolio management.

Personal Life

Joshua Marcell, best known for his role as Geoffrey Butler on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air TV show, has been arrested in a domestic violence incident. Police claim he assaulted a woman at his home and business and caused lacerations, broken hand injuries, concussion and dental damage as a result.

He is married, with three children. Among these grandchildren are Jeromie Fairchild and Melissa, Jennifer Davis and Thomas, Sheila Sciacqua and Bill, Jacob and Kaitlyn as well as Chelsie Griffin with Ramsey Balderas and Jordan Kisling and Andrew.

Josh recently joined Moody Rambin as Vice President of Tenant Representation. With an award-winning track record in office and industrial representation, corporate strategic planning, transaction management, site selection, financial modeling cost/occupancy analyses and portfolio management; Josh brings extensive expertise.

Net Worth

Marcell makes additional income outside his fixed salary during the season from third party sponsorship deals and business ventures, including investments in real estate in North America and his real estate portfolio.

TikTok users have seen him perform lip-syncing and dancing videos that have earned him over 25.6 million followers on that video-sharing platform. Other social media accounts he uses include Twitter and Instagram.

He amassed his fortune through social media, brand promotion and endorsements. Josh Billicki enjoys amassed wealth through both platforms he works on. He boasts an enormous fan following on both platforms as a businessperson – boasting cars and luxury homes among his collection. However, Josh Billicki remains very private; not disclosing much about his personal life except to say he is married with one child.

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