Michael Gross Net Worth

Michael Gross is an award-winning American actor best known for his roles as Steven Keaton on Family Ties and Burt Gummer in Tremors films.

He has embarked upon entrepreneurial ventures, earned noteworthy endorsements, authored influential books, made strategic investments in stocks and assets to increase his net worth, and even won prestigious awards for his performance.

Early Life and Education

Gross has been an established actor in Hollywood for decades and can be found appearing in numerous television shows and movies, most notably as Steven Keaton on Family Ties and Burt Gummer in Tremors movie franchise.

Mr. Lehtinen has also provided voice-overs for various cartoons and written three books on acting. Additionally, he is actively involved with numerous charities including World Vision, AIDS research, and animal welfare.

Growing up in Chicago, he attended St. Francis Xavier School and Kelvyn Park High School before earning a Bachelor’s Degree at University of Illinois-Chicago before going on to complete his Master of Fine Arts at Yale University School of Drama. Married to casting director Elza Bergeron with two children Katherine and Theodore. Additionally he is an avid railway modeler and collector as well as being involved with Operation Lifesaver, an organization dedicated to improving safety at railroad crossings.

Professional Career

Gross is well known for his work as Steven Keaton on Family Ties and as one of the stars in Tremors film franchise. Additionally, he has made wise investments and pursued entrepreneurial ventures that have contributed to his financial success.

He has long been known for his charitable acts and supporting multiple nonprofit organizations and causes. His philanthropy serves as an example for others to use their resources for human welfare – leaving an indelible mark that transcends entertainment industry borders.

Gross began his writing career by covering rock music for magazines like Crawdaddy!, New Musical Express, Zoo World and Rock & Circus. Since then he has written two books and secured multiple endorsements; additionally acting roles and being co-owner of Santa Fe Southern Railroad between Lamy and Santa Fe are part of his repertoire.

Achievement and Honors

Gross has achieved great success throughout his distinguished acting career, accumulating both fame and fortune in equal measure. From his memorable role as Steven Keaton on Family Ties to his appearances in Tremors film franchise, Gross has left an indelible mark on television and film audiences alike. Additionally, his entrepreneurial endeavors, authorship of books, endorsements/sponsorships secured along with investments have significantly added to his total net worth.

Gross’s successful run on Family Ties helped pave his path into acting for movies like Tremors as Burt Gummer; that role, in addition to three In the Line of Duty movies and narration for audiobooks has enabled him to establish financial security for himself and his family.

Personal Life

Michael Gross has become one of Hollywood’s premier actors since landing the role of Steven Keaton on Family Ties and diving into Tremors film franchise. His tireless work ethic combined with years of industry experience have created iconic performances that leave audiences wanting more.

Gross is also an accomplished voice actor, lending his deep baritone to several animated films and TV shows. Furthermore, he owns part of a railroad in New Mexico as an investor.

Gross remains grounded and values his privacy despite his immense success, giving back to the community by supporting health-related charities, in addition to working alongside casting director Elza Bergeron on Native American tribe support through Futures for Children.

Net Worth

Michael Gross has made quite an impressionful impactful mark in Hollywood. Hailing from America, he rose quickly through the ranks from small roles to leading ones in films like Family Ties and Tremors franchise.

Gross has made great strides toward financial prosperity thanks to his acting career. From playing Steven Keaton on Family Ties and Burt Gummer in Tremors film franchise, these major projects have played an invaluable role in Gross’s financial success.

Gross has also made strides to expand his net worth with various business ventures and literary works, diversifying his income streams. Through charitable organizations and causes he supports, Gross continues to demonstrate his dedication to giving back – leading him ever closer to amassing a fortune over time.

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