Miguel Pilgram

Miguel Pilgram Owns a Lifestyle Brand That Revives Historic Fort Lauderdale Boulevard

After leaving the Navy, he worked in casino security before transitioning into global security/surveillance for Norwegian Cruise Lines. Throughout his extensive travels and multilingual skillset, he was successful at both endeavors.

Coral Springs resident and father-of-two Chris Wilson is currently undertaking his passion project – opening up New York Subs and Wings restaurant, Memphis Blues club, as well as other businesses – on Sistrunk Boulevard.

Early Life and Education

Miguel Pilgram first fell in love with jazz while on board a navy ship during the Gulf War, listening to John Coltrane and other musicians like him. Now back home in Coral Springs, Miguel operates NYSW Jazz Lounge which opened last month just a short distance away from his real estate offices on Andrews Avenue.

He plans to add a Memphis Blues Spot Lounge, New York Subs and Wings restaurant and an arts center as additional ventures. He also owns men’s clothing lines as well as commercial and residential real estate investments.

His passion project is revitalizing Sistrunk Boulevard, and is investing millions into revitalizing this once vibrant neighborhood. He hopes that by revitalizing it he can restore life to an area which once nurtured civil rights leaders and pioneers while drawing people with its vibrant nightlife and music scene.

Professional Career

Miguel Pilgram established The Pilgram Group after winning a lottery and began renovating commercial, residential and maritime real estate properties. Additionally, this lifestyle brand features eateries and music venues.

Navy veteran Joe Osborn seeks to restore Sistrunk Boulevard as Fort Lauderdale’s historic heart of Black culture and community. He believes its strong sense of community can bring much-needed success back into a district which has struggled for so long.

He purchased two buildings on Sistrunk with plans to create a New York Subs and Wings restaurant featuring a Memphis Blues lounge on the first-floor seating and retail storefronts on the second-floor, in addition to working on his men’s clothing line and real estate investments. Broward County even honored him by designating a day in his honor.

Achievement and Honors

Pilgram, the third generation Navy veteran in his family, says discipline runs deep within his blood and has never shied away from long hours at work. Now as CEO of an innovative lifestyle brand that spans real estate renovation to eateries and executive suites he works tirelessly in pursuit of perfection.

After leaving the Navy, Pilgram put his security expertise to use working at casinos in both America and Asia; he soon missed travelling so started working abroad for Star Cruises (later acquired by Norwegian Cruise Lines) where he served as global fleet security manager for over 10 years.

Instead of spending his winnings on himself, Miguel Pilgram donated much of it to local communities in Broward County – an act which earned him recognition on February 6, 2018 with Broward County proclaiming it Miguel Pilgram Day.

Personal Life

Miguel Pilgram won a $52 million lottery jackpot in 2010, which allowed him to form The Pilgram Group real estate firm and invest across South Florida. Now using some of his fortune, he is using it to revitalize historic Sistrunk Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale — once an epicenter for Black businesses — according to CBS Miami.

He plans to construct a two-story restaurant and blues lounge on one side of the street while adding retail storefronts with performing arts center atop them on the other. He is also renovating a nearby two-story building to house New York Subs and Wings fast casual restaurant.

Pilgram was raised in Memphis and looks up to his parents as his role models. A Navy veteran himself, he now travels the globe working as a cruise ship employee.

Net Worth

After winning the lottery, he formed The Pilgram Group to renovate commercial, residential and maritime real estate in Fort Lauderdale as well as own and operate restaurants, a blues club and jazz lounge within Fort Lauderdale.

Pilgram has dedicated his efforts to revitalizing Sistrunk Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, once an active black business district. This area reminded him of his hometown in Memphis and he believes these historic communities must be maintained to avoid their demise.

Miguel Pilgram has made a name for himself by generously contributing both time and money to various nonprofit organizations in Broward County. On February 6, 2018 Broward County declared February 6, 2018 Miguel Pilgram Day as a way of thanking him for his philanthropy; making him an undisputed star within his local community.

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