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Modern beds are the ABC of good sleeping comfort

After a strenuous day, everyone longs for comfort and complete relaxation in their own four walls. For most people, good rest is associated with getting enough sleep. That is why one is constantly striving to allow oneself to sleep comfortably at home. For this reason, the furnishings in the bedroom are of fundamental importance for sound sleep and the best possible rest. Modern people are therefore placing ever higher demands on bedroom furniture and, first and foremost, on the bed. Do you belong to this group? Do you also want to have a good night’s sleep and enjoy a good night’s sleep? Then stick with it and see where you can get all sorts of things for a good night’s sleep. We’ll show you where you can find high quality modern beds quickly and at affordable prices!

Moderne Bette ABC erholsame Nachtruhe guter Schlaf

Modern beds are the ABC of a good night’s sleep

How important is your optimal sleeping comfort at night for you? Your answer to this question shows whether or not you are into a comfortable bed. The design and style of the entire bedroom furnishings always depend on personal preferences and individual needs. But no wishes can be left unfulfilled at betten-abc.de! There you will find various models that can be easily incorporated into any furnishing style and go well with any design concept. You can choose from, for example, very elegant beds made of solid wood with headboards made of real leather, which perfectly complement the vintage look of your bedroom. The feet can be made of pig iron, if you wish. In principle, the beds are made from different materials. Perhaps you prefer a bed made of wild oak or beech? Or would you prefer one made of pine wood? Do not be confused by the extensive company range and choose according to your own wishes and needs!

Schlafzimmer Betonwände Industrialstyle

There is something suitable for every style and taste!

This also applies to the sizes of the beds. The buyer is sure to be spoiled for choice as to how wide his bed needs to be. Before making a decision, you need to carefully assess the area of ​​your bedroom and determine the exact position of the bed in the room. All standard sizes – from 90 X 200 cm to 200 X 220 cm – are represented. You just have to choose the right color and determine the degree of firmness of the mattress. You can find a hardness table online from the same provider, which can help you a lot with this.

Schlafzimmer Boxspringbett grau

Beds that come from well-known manufacturers of sleeping furniture

  • What else is part of the best sleeping comfort?

Who would have believed that the subject of modern beds is so diverse! We have much to add to what has already been written. Let’s start with the box spring beds that have become so popular recently. You can also view these online and order them straight away. You can be sure that you have made a good choice. The box spring beds with their numerous extras ensure you a relaxing lying feeling and optimal sleeping comfort. Forget any neck or back pain and enjoy your well-deserved restful night’s sleep!

Moderne Betten

Modern beds have many extras

Even the little ones are not forgotten in the Betten ABC online shop. A particularly wide range of modern children’s beds is waiting for you there! You can find everything online, from individual beds to beautiful bed linen, blankets and pillows to a complete set of furnishings for a child’s room. In short, young and old alike get their money’s worth!

Schlafzimmer Betonwände Industrialstyle 1

Very attractive bedroom furniture in Scandinavian style

If we have piqued your curiosity and you want to buy a new bed of the highest quality, then you will know where dreams come true. At Betten ABC, you also have expert customer advice, affordable payment options and free shipping within Germany. Follow our advice: Treat yourself to the sleeping comfort you deserve!

Enjoy a perfect night’s sleep and dream beautifully …

Schlafzimmer sehr komfortables Bett

Your bedroom can be just as simply furnished, but very comfortable

Schlafbett aus Holz

A modern wooden bed inscribes itself well in any interior

Moderne Betten

A slatted frame with electrical head and foot section adjustment ensures you the necessary sleeping comfort

Betten viele Funktionen und

With one click of your mouse, you can find exactly what you have long dreamed of

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